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  1. BKXI

    PS4 22/5/15 Formula Gulf 7 Race Championship (Starts 8PM UK)

    So with the current AOR leagues not having a Formula Gulf Championship (yet) I wanted to make a quick (ish) one night championship. Sign Up Like So PSN - [Insert PSN Name] Also add Cx-TrickshoT on PSN for an invite! Point Scoring System 1st - 25 Pts 2nd - 22 Pts 3rd - 18 Pts 4th - 15 Pts...
  2. BKXI

    Hello AOR!

    Hello lads. As I started to prepare to part ways with AOR a few events happened. I will briefly describe them now May 2nd - Being told my time in AOR is up, until Australian to European connection improves. May 7th - Project CARS is released. Had a great time playing it. Zero lag with my...
  3. BKXI

    Goodbye AOR?

    Well I have recently been informed that I can no longer participate in F1 racing anymore. Whether this will be the same for Project CARS I don't know. If I can't participate then goodbye. I had lots of fun and made some friends along the way.
  4. BKXI

    Top 5 or 10 Overtakes of PS3 Sunday F1 - Season 9

    Just came up with a great idea. We post some of our best overtakes and then we will get a judge (who isn not associated with PS3 Sun F1 in any way) to rank them. Send them in now or after Abu Dhabi. I will get a judge organised and send the overtakes to said judge on April 17th The winner...
  5. BKXI

    PS3 F1 Off-Season Championship

    With Season 9 coming to a close I have decided to run an unofficial championship. Only sign up if you intend to show up to all races. RACE RULES Weather: Dynamic Distance: 50% or 100%. AI: Legend Rules: Reduced RACE CALENDAR The race calendar is undecided. When you sign up write down a few...
  6. BKXI

    Season 10 Situation

    Will Season 10 be on F1 2014 or 2015? Not stuffed what game but Im just curious. Thanks Cx-TrickshoT
  7. BKXI

    PS3 [4/4] 50% @ Brazil [9pm UK]

    Only assists allowed are Racing Line and Auto Gears. The rest are banned! Only sign up if you intend to show up and complete the race. Add Cx-TrickshoT on PSN for a Game Invite. DRIVERS [4/16] Mercedes- Mercedes- Red Bull- danthesnake22 Red Bull- Ferrari- Ferrari- Williams- Cx-TrickshoT...
  8. BKXI

    2015 Australian Grand Prix Discussion

    This is a thread where we can talk about the Australian Grand Prix
  9. BKXI

    PS3 2015 F1 Championship (All Races 7:30pm UK)

    Hello fellow AOR members. Since the first round of the Formula One season is in 6 days I have decided to organise a little bit of a championship that races the same week as the real life calendar. So this championship would go from March all the way until November. The races will start 7:30pm...
  10. BKXI

    PS3 Sunday F1. Penalty Removal and Possible Penalties Given?

    First Incident: I was in 7th behind CianG-4 with tha_sup3rn0va behind me heading into the final chicane. I hit the brakes so I dont hit Cian and then supernova hits me from behind send me off the track dropping me into 10th. Second Incident: I was coming back onto the track and when I rejoined...
  11. BKXI

    PS3 21/2 8pm UK Monza

    Add Cx-TrickshoT on PSN for invite Drivers 6/16 Mercedes- Haze Red Bull- Ferrari- Williams- McLaren- JIM-Kieran & RAF1FA Force India- Cx-TrickshoT Toro Rosso- Bad Boy 1991 Lotus- KunSeven Sauber- Marussia- Caterham-
  12. BKXI

    PS3 7/2/15 Sprint Mode Championship 7pm UK [Season 2]

    After a very fun Season 1, I have decided to start a second one. I hope that the 4 other racers from Season 1 @Eddiep29 @Eff One ATx @Georules123 and @Donks can sign up again. Laps:3 Damage: Off Weather: Dynamic Grid: Random Cars: Random Tracks: Random Races: 10 Drivers 5/16 Cx-TrickshoT...
  13. BKXI

    PS3 4/2/15 7pm UK Sprint Mode Championship

    Looking to start a Sprint Mode Championship like Noble 2909, xMattyG and Tiametmarduk do. RULES Laps:3 Races: 10 (selected randomly) Rules: Reduced Damage: Off Car: Random Grid: Random Note: Since cars are random no car selection required. DRIVERS 6/16 Cx-TrickshoT Georules45 WhoWhatWheres...
  14. BKXI

    PS3 27/1 Hungary Distance Voted For 8pm UK

    Add Cx-TrickshoT on PSN for an invite. Normal AOR rules apply. When you sign up please add your PSN name and car preference Only sign up if you will attend and complete the race Drivers 7/16 Mercedes: Lorrentz Mercedes: Red Bull: Red Bull: Ferrari: Jimbob199766 Ferrari: Williams: EffOne_ATX...
  15. BKXI

    PS3 19/1 Eliminator Race at Brazil 8pm UK

    Laps: 36 Qualifying: None (Race Only) RULES At the end of every few laps the driver in last place must retire from the race. This will last until the final 2 drivers battle it out on the final lap. The laps will be decided depending on numbers. Drivers 5/16 Mercedes: Lorrentz Mercedes Red...
  16. BKXI

    Trickshot Quits AOR but then decides to come back 5 hours later.

    After a shocking Austrian Grand Prix I have decided to quit AOR for the rest of season 9 and hoping to return in season 10 for F1 2015 on PS4. First off the lag is f*ucking ridiculous. I know I'm Australian but seriously. Every race I have raced in lag teleports cars im battling with and...
  17. BKXI

    PS3 5/1/15 Austria 5pm ACDT 6:30am UK

    For my first social of 2015 I want it to be at one of my favourite tracks and what will be the next race on the calendar for Sunday drivers, Austria. Also we will have an Aussie host to increase the fun (I mean lag :)) Drivers 1/16 Mercedes: Mercedes; Red Bull: Red Bull: Ferrari...
  18. BKXI

    PS3 F1 2014 Wildcard Championship

    I have plans to make a small 10 race championship that will last over two weeks. This will be done with as many drivers as I can get along with Expert AI to fill the remaining positions. Here are the rules. Qualifying: 15 minutes Race: 25% Normal AOR Rules Apply Weather Setting: Dynamic Safety...
  19. BKXI

    PS3 [13/12 9pm UK] Circuit Vote 50%

    DRIVERS 16/16 (FULL) reserves wanted Mercedes- tanttiX Mercedes- TuplaRuisku Red Bull- Wingsman001 Red Bull- DanEvs85 Ferrari- Jimbob199766 Ferrari- H_pro1 Williams- CENAisARMY11 Williams- Marcos Moutinho McLaren- pgh714 McLaren- Finnwalther Force India- EFFONE_ATX Force India- Toro...
  20. BKXI

    F1 PS3 Sunday League. BS PENALTY

    During the Australian Grand Prix I was in a battle with Jimbob199766 and he used the sand on the outside to overtake me and after he overtook me I was given a penalty! It was a 10 second penalty and I would appreciate it if it was reversed. Also on the last lap I was spun by Jimbob again and it...