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  1. N1kmido

    AOR GTE - Round 11: Sebring - Lap 6, Hairpin

    League: AOR GTE S8 R11 Date: 25/11/2019 Members Involved: @n0body_ and myself Lap & Corner: Lap 6 - Turn 7/Hairpin Description: Ross was coming from way back to hit me in the rear and sent my car spinning. Lost three positions at the time and took me out of contention for the win essentially.
  2. N1kmido

    AOR GTE - Round 9: Motegi - Last lap/corner DSQ

    League: AOR GTE S8 R9 Date: 11/11/2019 Members Involved: Mr. Netcode and myself Lap & Corner: Last Lap - last corner/start-finish straight Description: Honestly I'm not a big fan of appeiling disqualifications because at the end of the day the nature of racing means you get what you deserve...
  3. N1kmido

    F3 CotA Feature

    Date: 12/04/2019 Members Involved: @Patrick Kessler Lap & Corner: Feature Race, Lap 1, Turn 12 (Hairpin) Description: I went to the inside trying to overtake Patrick. He moved over to the left when I was way alongside already. The contact resulted in me being punted off track and I lost quite a...
  4. N1kmido

    FR 2.0 - S11- Laguna Seca

    Date: 30/11/2018 Members Involved: @Josh Lad Lap & Corner: Sprint Race - Lap 1 - Corkscrew Description: Josh took me out (again) by being too aggressive on lap 1 (again).
  5. N1kmido

    FR2.0 S11 - R7 Imola - Feature

    Date: 26/10/2018 Members Involved: @Josh Lad Lap & Corner: Lap 2, Turn 1 Description: Josh just completely cut me off coming into T1. I clearly didn´t defend the position very hard so I don´t understand at all why you have to be this aggressive on lap 2 of a 40 minute race.
  6. N1kmido

    GTE S4 - R4 Road Atlanta

    Date: 08/10/2018 Members Involved: @Steffen Herrmann Lap & Corner: Lap 2 - Final corner onwards Description: Out of the chicane I got a good slipstream on Steffen. On the start/finish straight I pulled over to the right trying to overtake him. Steffen did a very late move in reaction which was...
  7. N1kmido

    Session Delay by 16 minutes (practice session -> starts 19:16)

    Hey everyone, Due to certain reasons I would highly appreciate if we could delay the event procedure for the league on monday evenings by 16 minutes. I talked to @Stevie and @Stephan in a private conversation, they said it´s basically possible but it depends on if all other participants in the...
  8. N1kmido

    Low FPS in wet conditions

    Hey all, I´ve already reported this over on CM forums. Any advice would be much appreciated. Also let me know if you´re experiencing a similar kind of problem because atm it looks like I´m literally the only one who is affected by this and I can´t figure out why this is...
  9. N1kmido

    PC GT3 S10 - Tier 1 - Round 2 - Penalty Removal/Reduction

    Platform + League: PC GT3 Tier 1 League Coordinator: @Ironik Date: 27/06/2018 Members Involved: Me Description: On lap 41 running in 14th position ~2 seconds behind TX3 guibZ I spun going through the puddle after exiting "Pothole". It sent me off track across the grass almost onto the other...
  10. N1kmido

    PC ACL S5 - Round 4 - Crashing on a straight

    Platform + League: PC ACL Season 5 League Coordinator: @Noztra @hinesy32 @Niclas Domino Date: 30/04/2018 Members Involved: @Terence Grech @Microlander @N1kmido Description: Fair enough if rubberbanding was an issue here, though we know since pre-season races that this is an issue in these cars...
  11. N1kmido

    PC GT3 Elite - Zolder - Corner Cutting/Extending

    Platform + League: PC GT3 Elite League League Coordinator: @VSR Iceberg Date: 18/04/2018 Members Involved: @AndrexUK Description: Andrex asked me to watch his replay of the race in terms of cutting/extending so he didn´t have to review himself. He left the track without lifting 14 times. I´ll...
  12. N1kmido

    PC ACL S5 - Round 2 - Race 2 - Not slowing down/causing further crashes under double-yellow conditions

    Platform + League: PC + ACL S5 (Formula 4) League Coordinator: @Noztra @hinesy32 @Niclas Domino Date: 16/04/2018 Members Involved: @N1kmido @santsuke99 @Erti147 @Mr AlcoN @Keith Camilleri @NonRunner @Desmond0313 Description: Let me clear two important things at the beginning: 1. I don´t...
  13. N1kmido

    PC GT3 Elite @ Silverstone - Incident 2

    Platform + League: PC GT3 Elite League Coordinator: @VSR Iceberg Date: 21/3/2018 Members Involved: @Oblit0r Description: On lap 1 I overtook @Oblit0r exiting Copse, when trying to fight back he did hit me from behind sending me off into the gravel. He didn´t give the position back afterwards...
  14. N1kmido

    PC GT3 Elite @ Silverstone - Incident 1

    Platform + League: PC GT3 Elite League Coordinator: @VSR Iceberg Date: 21/3/2018 Members Involved: @VSR Noah Description: Right after the start exiting turn 3 I´m next to @VSR Noah as he suddenly moves over to punt me off the track, costing us both a lot of momentum and several positions...
  15. N1kmido

    PC G40J - Tier 1: Time Penalty Removal

    Platform + League: PC - Ginetta G40 Junior - Tier 1 League Coordinator: @Raigore Date: 16/01/2018 Members Involved: Me Description: I understeered and made contact with @Doc (sorry for that) - therefore I went slightly off-track onto the grass. Meanwhile @DaWu half-spun and I overtook him while...
  16. N1kmido

    PC F2 - Dangerous Driving

    Platform + League: PC F2 League Coordinator: @_hN Date: 17/12/2017 Members Involved: @Mulchian Description: Going side by side towards T1 @Mulchian suddenly moves over for no reason and destroys my front wing. My race easily could´ve ended here (technically it did because with the damage I...
  17. N1kmido

    PC GT3 Elite - Laguna Seca - Track Limits - Removal of several penalties

    Platform + League: PC GT3 Elite League Coordinator: @AndrexUK @Nismo @Yorkie065 @Raigore Date: 6/12/2017 Members Involved: Me Description: I got several penalties for exceeding track limits. In my opinion all of those penalties are unfair and should be removed because I lifted off...
  18. N1kmido

    GT3 Format Change - Sprint + Endurance

    Hey everyone, After the first half of the first GT3 season on Project CARS 2 being done, I´d like to share some of my thoughts about how the league maybe could look like in the future. I´m writing this as a driver but also as a spectactor who watched back some of the livestreams. On Project...
  19. N1kmido

    PC Causing a Collision + Failing to Wait

    Platform + League: PC GT3 Elite League Coordinator: @EVR Morvic @AndrexUK @Nismo @Yorkie065 Date: 22/11/2017 Members Involved: @Zabbzi Description: Coming through T4 @Zabbzi decided to squeeze himself through on the inside of the corner. Despite that it was a very risky and unnecessary move...
  20. N1kmido

    PC Penalty Removal - Speeding in the Pit Lane

    Platform + League: PC - GT3 Elite League Coordinator: @EVR Morvic @AndrexUK @Nismo @Yorkie065 Date: 15/11/2017 Members Involved: Me Description: I´ve entered the pits for repairs and the game gave me a +50 Sec Penalty for Speeding in the Pit Lane although I clearly slowed down below 60kph before...