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  1. GlazedGater

    PC ACC GT3 Season 3 - Tier 3 - Round 5 - Hungaroring - 10.03.20 @8PM UK Time

    That was probably my slowest track, managed to do a no stop to move from 24th to 6th, my tyres were terrible in the last 30 minutes though.
  2. GlazedGater

    Moved Tier 3 - Round 3 - Rejoining dangerously

    I Thought I’d be able to rejoin in time but I couldn’t get any purchase on the tyres. Completely my bad. Also there should of been yellow/white flags.
  3. GlazedGater

    PC ACC GT3 Season 3 - Tier 3 - Car and Team Registration

    Name: GlazedGater Car: Bentley Continental GT3 Custom Livery: Yes In-Game Team: BRD Entry Number: 13
  4. GlazedGater

    PC ACC GT3 Season 3 - League Info & Sign Up Thread

    Hi, I couldn't make it, just got home.
  5. GlazedGater

    PC ACC GT3 Season 3 - Time Trial Thread

    Gamertag/ID: M.Bird Number of Laps: 6 Hotstint Time: 11:40:437 Screenshot(s):
  6. GlazedGater

    PC ACC GT3 Season 3 - League Info & Sign Up Thread

    Can you race regularly on Tuesday nights? yes Do you understand and accept the league's rules and regulations? yes Have you read and understood the rules regarding Manual Rolling Start? yes Forum ID: Glazedgater In-Game Name If Different: Michael Bird Steam Player ID: 76561198963456493...
  7. GlazedGater

    XB1 AOR XB1 F6 League - Main Thread

    I would miss too many races because of work, I'm going to wait for the next season
  8. GlazedGater

    XB1 Round 19 - Mexican Grand Prix [10/03/19 8:00pm UK]

    Well done code zed brilliant start and nearly took me out.
  9. GlazedGater

    XB1 Round 15 - Singapore Grand Prix [03/02/19 8:00pm UK]

    This is actually one of my favorites but you need some luck just to finish :LOL:
  10. GlazedGater

    XB1 Round 14 - Italian Grand Prix [27/01/19 8:00pm UK]

    That was a tough race, it's just too easy to make a mistake, great battle with @Joshua Germany in the beginning of the race and we'll done to @OveratedLama for the win.
  11. GlazedGater

    XB1 Round 13 - Belgian Grand Prix [20/01/19 8:00pm UK]

    First lap of the mediums is terrible
  12. GlazedGater

    XB1 Round 12 - Hungarian Grand Prix [13/01/19 8:00pm UK]

    I had front wing damage from lap 2, it was like night and day when I got it changed.
  13. GlazedGater

    XB1 F6 Pushed off the track

    Platform + League: Xbox + F6 League Coordinator: @Joshua Germany Date: 13 Jan 2018 Members Involved: @ThePsychoNovah Description: I had minor front wing damage and was expecting people to pass me, I gave Callum lots of room and he pushed me straight off the track and didn't wait. Impatient...