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    PC Pushed wide lap one, turn 1-2

    Platform + League: PC Americas F1 League Coordinator: @Mo#9991 Date: May 24, 2020 Members Involved: @Shentar @Lundqvistbro Description: Contact between Lundqvistbro and Shentar results in Shentar being pushed wide and dropping to P17 out of 17 drivers Evidence: In case of time link failure...
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    Moved Punted into Turn 3

    Platform + League: PC Americas F1 League Coordinator: @Mo#9991 @Steph Farelle Date: May 3, 2020 Members Involved: @Bobino12 @Z3mikey Description: Bobino brakes too late for the accordion effect, and punts me into z3mikey Evidence: Just in case the time link doesn't work, incident starts at 20:47
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    Moved 2Dragons intentionally crashes himself out after obtaining damage under the safety car

    Platform + League: Americas PC F1 League Coordinator: @Steph Farelle @Mo#9991 Date: April 26, 2020 Members Involved: @2Dragons @Pilpro Description: 2Dragons crashes himself out of the race after obtaining damage from hitting PilPro under the safety car Evidence:
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    Moved IGTC Lambo cup R1 - Wrecked against pit wall

    ACC IGTC Lambo Social Cup AM Class League Coordinator: @Artur "Jankes" Sobota Date: April 14, 2020 Members Involved: @Shentar @Tomas Stanek Description: Stanek pinches me against the pit wall, wrecking myself and forcing many other drivers to take evasive action. Evidence: Stanek's Car My Car
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    PC Gudby and Rapha Tangle and take me out

    Platform + League: PC Americas F1 League Coordinator: @Steph Farelle Date: December 15, 2019 Members Involved: @Rapha @Miguel Angel Pilla @Shentar Description: Gudby And Rapha fight into the 3rd sector in russia, trip over eachother and it results in lost time for Rapha and myself and a lost...