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  1. BenOnWheels

    AOR GTE Round 1 - Sylvain

    League: AOR GTE Round 1 - Road America Date: 16/09/2019 Members Involved: @Tiffosi72 Lap & Corner: Lap 14, between turn 11a and 11b. Lap 24, exiting turn 5. Lap 29, entering the braking zone of turn 5. Lap 34 while running wide at final turn 14. Lap 38 inbetween turn 5 and 6. Description...
  2. BenOnWheels

    Resolved Username change

    I'd like to change my name to BenOnWheels please.
  3. BenOnWheels

    Resolved Username change

    Hello. Could I have my username changed to TBR Wheels please? Thanks in advance.