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  1. MrRobinhx

    PS4 Did not receive an invitation

    Platform + League: AOR PS4 F10 LEAGUE - SEASON 18 League Coordinator: @Jason007 Date: 17.11.2019 Members Involved: @Joost Description: The Lobby host forgot to sent me an invite, så I missed the Qualifying. Evidence:
  2. MrRobinhx

    Not get invited.

    Hello. I was so angry for an hour. I was ready to race Tonight Classic Christmas cup race. I was 10 minutes online to wait for an invite, but i did not get a invite. This is so unfair. The host should sent more invitets to make sure everyone will notice.
  3. MrRobinhx

    What should i do?

    Hello. I was kicked out of F1 2017 F8 League PS4 because i have skipped 3 races without inform the adminstrator. I was wondered what shoud i do now? Can i sign up on other racing games?
  4. MrRobinhx

    I am new.

    Hello. My name is Robin (MrRobinhx) on PS4. I am New here, and a wondered what kind of website is this. Is it som kind of online racing contest? Let me know everything on this site. How can i participate on online League?