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    Moved AL1 Xbox one Deliberately taken out

    Xbox one AL1 League Coordinator: @KLID22 Date: 19/04/20 Members Involved: @Phoenix EVS Description: @Phoenix EVS slowed down to wait for me inorder to take me out. I’m guessing this is because I accidentally outbroke myself and ended up hitting him. It wasn’t intentional it was just an honest...
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    XB1 AL1 Collison

    Platform and League: Xbox 1 Al 1 League coordinator: @Germo Date: 08/12/19 Members involved: @aordarren05 @Hazzanatorr77 Description: I got a poor exit out of turn turn 3 which allowed dazkart? To get a run down the inside of me. Dazkart was on the inside when Hazzanatorr77 tried to go to my...