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  1. RT93 Aesaerth

    XB1 F4 push me out off track

    XBOX ONE + League:F4 League Coordinator: @Jamie183 Date:07 october Members Involved: @SoggyCabbages Description: I pass SoggyCabbages in the first corner and he pushes me off the track and breaks my wing. Evidence:
  2. RT93 Aesaerth

    XB1 Gp suzuka

    Xbox One, ligue d'assistance 2 Coordonnateur de la ligue @Chris Leather Date: 22/07/2018 Membres impliqués: @ RT93 Aesaerth @ altdestroyer111. Description: le destroyer me pousse et ruine ma course dans le premier tour.
  3. RT93 Aesaerth

    XB1 Push me out of track and dammage

    Xbox1 Assist league2 F1 coordinateur. Chris Leather Sdb gunners brake and changé trajectory at the samedi time, i push me and dammage my car.