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    PS4 F6 Brasil - Taken out Through Impatience

    After your initial defence there was still a car width to your left so I went for it, didn’t realise you were going to continue moving left so I lifted twice but it was too late
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    PS4 Pushed off the track

    Platform + League: PS4 F6 League Coordinator: @Bankai_Bullett @DON SILVA Date: 09/12/18 Members Involved: @sjhk93 Description: On lap 31 after getting slightly ahead of the red bull on the previous corner, they pushed me off the track so far that they struggled to make the corner themselves...
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    PS4 F6 Collision

    Of course you were steering right, you hadn’t finished turning for the corner, as my camera shows I couldn’t have left you any more room, my front left was on the curb already 1.2.1 ● Don't be too aggressive when trying to overtake. As the chasing car, it is generally your responsibility to not...
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    PS4 F6 Collision

    From your camera it looks like you never straightened up properly and drive into my right rear, a switch back attempt gone badly wrong
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    PS4 F6 Collision

    Platform + League: PS4 F6 League Coordinator: @Bankai_Bullett @DON SILVA Date: 02/12/2018 Members Involved: @Bankai_Bullett Description: Whilst driving on the racing line, being fully ahead of the car behind and not turning my wheel at all, I was rammed, spun round and taken out of the race...
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    PS4 AOR S16 PS4 F6 League - Main Thread

    Sorry I’ve just realised I still don’t have a number, is #39 okay?
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    PS4 F6 - Dangerous rejoining track

    The incident ruined my chance of a big points finish as well. I had a reasonable gap to sjhk93 so I thought I could get the car spun round in time. I upshifted 5 or 6 times but got stuck in reverse, however looking at the sjhk93’s footage I feel that I would’ve had sufficient time to get off the...
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    PS4 AOR PS4 F1 2018 Leagues - Main Sign Up Thread - Season 16

    Gamertag: nassaudo Nationality: British Assists used: none Have you read and understood the AOR rules: yes Do you accept if you are fast enough to be place in one of the top leagues you will have to race with no assists: yes Are you committed to completing the whole season as an active member of...