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    Time Trial Thread

    Driver: Hulkenburger Platform: PS4
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    /r/Formula1 F1 2019 League - Season 1 Sign-Up Thread (PS4)

    ● Gamertag: Hulkenburger ● Reddit username: 116YearsWar ● Nationality: British ● Place from which you will race: United Kingdom ● Will you use assists: Yes ● Have you read and understood the Rules? Yes ● Do you accept that if you are fast enough to be placed in one of the top divisions you will...
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    PS4 Round 13 United States Grand Prix [28/07/2016 20:00]

    I'm not home for this race unfortunately, not that I'd have done well regardless. I hate this track with a passion.
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    PS4 Round 11 Singapore Grand Prix [14/07/2016 20:00]

    Should have mentioned this much earlier sorry, I'm away from home for an evening visiting family etc so I can't make this race. I've only made four races this season I've just noticed, why am I always so busy on a Thursday...
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    PS4 Round 10 Italian Grand Prix [30/06/16 20:00]

    This track will be interesting with strict rules. Might not qualify to avoid the inevitable carnage at T1.
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    PS4 Round 8 Hungarian Grand Prix [16/06/16 20:00]

    My internets running at an insanely slow speed for some reason. Can't even connect to PSN. Doubt I can make it sadly as I like Hungary.
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    PS4 Round 7 British Grand Prix [09/06/16 20:00]

    I think what it's done is swapped me and Ali as I disconnected after he did. So on that I'll be Ali and he'd be Sainz.
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    PS4 Round 7 British Grand Prix [09/06/16 20:00]

    I definitely took the Red Bull and was using it for the race. There was so much lag I had no idea where I actually was on track, sorry if it caused anyone any issues.
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    PS4 Round 6 Austrian Grand Prix [26/05/16 20:00]

    I didn't realise you'd lost your wing on the penultimate lap so I ended up running into you, would have had you otherwise. Staying out worked for you though, well done.
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    PS4 Round 6 Austrian Grand Prix [26/05/16 20:00]

    I have a feeling pole will be in the 1.06s, my first lap of practice I managed a 1.07.3, I'll take any points I can get here.
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    PS4 Round 6 Austrian Grand Prix [26/05/16 20:00]

    Definitely not one of my strongest tracks, tyre wear tends to be an issue, looking forward to it regardless however.
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    PS4 Round 5 Canadian Grand Prix [19/05/16 20:00]

    Been so swamped with exams that I've done no practice for this, might not be able to make it anyway because of a family thing. I'll let you know though.
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    PS4 Round 4 Spanish Grand Prix [05/05/16 20:00]

    Well I've got some bad news for you sadly, I'm not going to be able to make it back.
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    PS4 Race videos

    Yeah it was great, probably the most fun I've had on this game.
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    PS4 Round 4 Spanish Grand Prix [05/05/16 20:00]

    I'm not 100% certain I can make this race.
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    PS4 Race videos

    Bahrain Highlights:
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    PS4 Round 3 Bahrain Grand Prix [28/04/16 20:00]

    Great race, fantastic battle with Ali before I messed up and had to let mistic through, two stop got me third place.
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    PS4 Driver names & info

    Matthew Molloy I'm 18 and sitting my A-Levels, hopefully going to York University to study history next year. I've raced with a couple of people here before, still do in fact.
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    PS4 Round 3 Bahrain Grand Prix [28/04/16 20:00]

    I'm averaging 31.1ish, quickest I've managed is a 30.8 but I doubt I'll replicate that in a race.