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  1. LSEM Wolffe

    Resolved Username Change

    Current Username is : DOR Nomad Need it updating to LSEM Wolffe as I have left DOR and joined LSEM
  2. LSEM Wolffe

    Apply For A Race Number Here

    Gamertag: DOR Nomad (Forum display name change has been requested) Real Name: Kieran Milnes Nationality: UK Race Number: 888
  3. LSEM Wolffe

    Resolved Display Name change request

    Change to : DOR Nomad
  4. LSEM Wolffe

    XB1 AOR GT3 S11 - Dubai GP [07/11/18 8:00pm]

    Not gonna be there tonight, starting to fall asleep already and don’t particularly want to fall asleep mid race
  5. LSEM Wolffe

    XB1 AOR GT3 S11 - Oschersleben A [31/10/18 8:00pm]

    Probably not gonna make it, sleep schedule is fucked atm and am more than likely to be asleep during the race
  6. LSEM Wolffe

    XB1 AOR GT3 S11 - Nürburgring Combined [24/10/18 8:00pm]

    We getting a party started whilst we wait for the lobby to load? @BosslyGaming
  7. LSEM Wolffe

    XB1 AOR GT3 S11 - Silverstone GP [17/10/18 8:00pm]

    Slight chance I may miss tonight, gotta move & rebuild my rig in a different room and idk how long it’s gonna take
  8. LSEM Wolffe

    AOR GT3 S11 - XB1 Tier 3 - Car and Team Registration

    Name: TcGc KILLER Car: Mercedes-AMG GT3 Livery: #86 (if unavailable then #85 or #84)
  9. LSEM Wolffe

    AOR GT3 S11 - XB1 Tier 3 - Driver Introduction

    1) Hi, I’m Kieran, I’m 17, currently I’m studying motorsport Engineering at Barnsley college, with a job opportunity at academy motorsport for next year. My favourite track is Circuit de Sarthe (Le Mans) but I’d say I’m decent on most circuits, my best probably being Circuit de Sarthe. 2) I...
  10. LSEM Wolffe

    XB1 AOR GT3 S11 - XB1 Evaluation Race 4 - Friday 28/09/18

    Ok, have done the timetrial and thought one of these had to be done too
  11. LSEM Wolffe

    XB1 AOR GT3 S11 - XB1 Evaluation Race 4 - Friday 28/09/18

    @BosslyGaming is there going to be another evaluation night before the league starts / what should I do if not?
  12. LSEM Wolffe

    XB1 AOR GT3 S11 - XB1 Time Trial Thread

    GT: TcGc KILLER Time: 1:45.963 Photo: see attached
  13. LSEM Wolffe

    XB1 AOR GT3 S11 - XB1 Sign-Up Thread

    Can you race regularly on Wednesday nights? Yes Do you understand and accept the league's rules and regulations? Yes Have you read and understood the rules regarding Manual Rolling Start? Yes Gamertag: TcGc KILLER Nationality: English Speedtest Result:
  14. LSEM Wolffe

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hi all, I’m Kieran, Been running around doing races here, there and everywhere, done quite a bit with Aerosmudge so I’m expecting to be down on pace early on. Hoping to run in the Assetto leagues and maybe the Project Cars 2 stuff in the future. See you all out on track!