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  1. Sean FAP Belkom

    PS4 Incident Nicolas

    platform and league: PS4 F1 league coördinator: @Casper24-F1 date: 5/05/19 members involved: @ximNicoF1 description: going to turn 4 i was behind nico when he was battling with dom and was closing in and when i went to the inside he moved under braking, lost my fw and hopes of good result...
  2. Sean FAP Belkom

    PS4 Unfair time penalty

    Platform PS4+ league: F2 League Coordinator: @Casper24-F1 Date: 18-03-19 members involved: Codemasters description: Going into the second corner Cherry2pie and Ruben went side by side but Because of desynch ruben spun around and had to avoid the car. Cherry2pie crashed into me but the game...