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    XB1 F5 - Taken Out

    Platform+ League: Xbox F5 League Coordinator: @Joseph Baigent Date: 12th May 2019 Members Involved: @TeakQuickshare Description: Took the outside line to the corner as I knew teak was on my inside. Had the line for the next corner, and was hit from behind and taken out. <iframe frameborder=0...
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    XB1 F6 taken out

    Platform + League: XB1 + F6 League Coordinator: @Joshua Germany Date: 20/1/19 Members Involved: @LE Revolution Description: Think Le revolution was trying to get behind me and mis-timed it, causing us both to crash. <iframe frameborder=0 webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen...
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    XB1 F6 - Slow car on the racing line during qualifying

    Platform + League: XB1 F6 League Coordinator: @Proulx2001 Date: 3/6/2018 Members Involved: @JRT.Atomik Description: Coming into the final corner of my first qualifying lap, Atomik is just on the racing line despite being on a slow lap. This made me have go to the inside and mess up my braking...
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    XB1 F6: Dangerous rejoin ruins my race

    Platform + League: XB1F6 League League Coordinator: @Proulx2001 Date: 18-02-2018 Members Involved: Myself and @Troyfmcg Description: Troy rejoins the track in a dangerous manor. I reacted as quick as I could by turning right to avoid him, but it wasn't quick enough and I ran into the back of...