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    Moved 10 second pen removal

    Platform + League: XB1 OCE League Coordinator: @VSR RoscoArm Date: 3/5/20 Members Involved: @ThatLaggyPerson Description: Trying to catch up to the safety car, I cut a corner barely and receive a 10 second pen. Removing this will give me P9 in the standings. Evidence...
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    XB1 Pres BC intentional crash heading into DNF

    Platform + League: XB1 Oceania F1 League Coordinator: @RoscoArm Date: 5/5/19 Members Involved: @That’s so Raven Description: After getting into an incident with Rosco, Pres proceeds to intentionally crash into the wall. There was no need to retire this early in the race, considering the...
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    XB1 Xedona22x Lag Problems

    Let me preface this by saying that Xedona had lag problems in S1. We all thought that he would fix it, but alas he has shown to constantly lag and crash other people out. Platform + League: Xbox Oceania F2 League Coordinator: @RoscoArm Date: 13/05/18 Members Involved: @ThatLaggyPerson @Eli...
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    XB1 Oceania F2 XBOX Incident with IsThatMaTt039

    Platform + League: Oceania F2 XBOX League Coordinator: @RoscoArm , @HarryRyan Date: 18/02/18 Members Involved: @ThatLaggyPerson , @IsThatMaTt039 Description: Exiting out of T6, Matt gets a bad exit, and as I try to hold my line through the corner, matt then swerves into me and sends me off the...