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  1. Leister-Meister

    LMR Trackday 2017

    Hey guys, currently I am organizing our trackday of 2017 - again Red Bull Ring - again 1st gen Formula Renault 2.0. If anybody is seriously considering in joining us this year please let me know. No dates are fixed yet. (Several dates available between 15th of March and mid of July - we will...
  2. Leister-Meister

    Switch car for new season?

    What's your opinion?
  3. Leister-Meister

    FR-S2-R1 - eau rouge carnage

    Yeah - let's try this one again
  4. Leister-Meister

    CGV - Lap 2 - Turn 8

    Date: 20 05 2016 Members Involved: @heuer91 @Leister-Meister Lap & Corner: see title Description: yes, I got the entry wrong but kept the car on the tarmac. To me it seems like an avoidable incident in particular if I take into consideration that this happened in lap 2 of 36, at an early stage...
  5. Leister-Meister

    LM Rennsport track day 2016

    Let's drive a Formula Renault 2.0 on the Red Bull Ring - Südkurs and check what kind of job iRacing has done in replicating the car. Who wants to join us? Location: Red Bull Ring, Austria Car: Formula Renault 2.0 Date: 25th May 2016 (wednesday after DTM); from 13:00 to 16:00 CET. Limited...
  6. Leister-Meister

    Place your bets

    I hope this service finally will be up again - so i can start solving my post-update graphical issues. I am not talking about getting used to the "new" car, which seems to be tremendous. (Yes, I have done 2 laps at Laguna, 50 meters at Nürburg GP and 200 meters at the Nordschleife so far.)
  7. Leister-Meister


    Numbers according to last season's constructor/driver standings?
  8. Leister-Meister

    Incident cap

    How about reducing the incident cap? We don't have any DSQs due to incidents. Should we change this to add some tension?
  9. Leister-Meister

    1st unofficial AOR Star Mazda meeting

    Hey guys, after all these laps and races together, respectively against each other, we decided that we one day should meet in person. iRacing, no, AOR, brought us together so we have to let you know about it and by doing this we also would like to say again a loud 'Thank you' to all the...