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  1. Jthorn97

    AOR Formula 3 Championship Season 4 - General Discussion

    Just getting started with iRacing but I'm confused af. Maybe looking to join this league(not this season but maybe the next one), but what kind of license do I need to be eligable to join?
  2. Jthorn97

    AOR is closing down.

    Meh was happy for a second there. Site has been going all down since @DemoN got influence...:whistle:
  3. Jthorn97

    PS4 Round 16 - Russian Grand Prix [10/02/19 7pm UK]

    My week has been a mess and haven’t had a single time to practice or even think about this race. I don’t have time today neither so if I’m not finding any gap today I’ll not race. @alexukr
  4. Jthorn97

    PS4 AOR PS4 F1 League - Main Thread

    Will not be able to attend tomorrow @alexukr
  5. Jthorn97

    PS4 Round 13 - Belgian Grand Prix [20/01/19 7pm UK]

    @Rc-Alonso44 Congrats on the most illegitimate overtake of the season. Tapping me into the chicane so I lose DRS to the car infront. I became a sitting duck on the straight because of that... @DeAgLeKiLLeR launching it in on the inside into a corner you NEVER overtake at meaning we make...
  6. Jthorn97

    PS4 Round 10 - British Grand Prix [16/12/18 7pm UK]

    @alexukr . I’m unable to attend tonight
  7. Jthorn97

    PS4 Round 8 - French Grand Prix [02/12/18 7pm UK]

    Got to apologize for deliberately crashing my car. I'd be ashamed of myself a couple of years ago if I saw how I'm driving now. No excuse but reason I did it was because my car was absolutely undrivable in the rain. Couldn't get down on the power whatsoever in the traction as the car would spin...
  8. Jthorn97

    PS4 Round 6 - Monaco Grand Prix [18/11/18 7pm UK]

    Been away for the whole weekend and just arrived at my home. Won’t race tonight as I haven’t been able to practice. I’m still motivated to continue in the league however but as my life gets busier I’m unsure how active I’ll be for the rest of the season.
  9. Jthorn97

    PS4 Round 5 - Spanish Grand Prix [11/11/18 7:30pm UK]

    Am very unlikely to be able to attend on this one I just realized.
  10. Jthorn97

    PS4 Round 2 - Bahrain Grand Prix [07/09/18 7pm UK]

    Some questionable spatial awareness and driving intelligence through out that race from a few drivers. Don't know if I even will score points with these kind of drivers around me
  11. Jthorn97

    AOR Hype Energy F1 Leagues Top Tier Statistics

    Wow can't imagine what a nightmare it would've been with people changing PSN ID's and AOR names. Great work!
  12. Jthorn97

    PS4 Round 1 - Australian Grand Prix [30/09/18 7pm UK]

    Hated much of that race. A Haas thought it was a good idea to launch it on the inside into the fast chicane during the first few laps which pissed me off. This kind of driving makes me very nervous when having a car behind me. All though I have to admit that I did quite a stupid moves myself...
  13. Jthorn97

    PS4 AOR PS4 F1 League - Driver Introduction Thread

    1. Who are you? (Tell us a bit about yourself - name, age, nationality, racing equipment, etc) Johannes, 21, Swedish, wheel 2. What's your previous league racing experience? S11-S14 and pCARS leagues 3. What are you expecting & hoping to achieve in the season ahead? Expecting to be a...
  14. Jthorn97

    PS4 AOR PS4 F1 League - Car and Number Selection Thread

    Will update car choices when it's my turn to pick 1. #97 2. #4 3. #17
  15. Jthorn97

    PS4 PS4 - Australia Social 50% 8PM 27/09/18

    Sauber. If not available, then Williams and then Force India