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    AOR iRacing FCCAF Round 1 (Races 1/2) - Suzuka

    if you saved the replay after the session ends you should just be able to email it to him
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    AOR iRacing FCCAF Round 1 (Races 1/2) - Suzuka

    Mixed races for me. this was my first league race, have been on Iracing for 4 years nearly and finally decided to do a league, really enjoyed it. race one. had a race long battle with @ramdrop was really good, really enjoyable. race two, was a different matter, strange start people werent...
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    incident at suzuka round 2.

    Firstly. The fast left hander... if you were by my wheel i would have given you alot more room but the fact you were hardly at my rear quarter and the corner was coming up i was going to take the racing line all day! Gianni got passed me side by side 2 laps previous there so me giving room is...
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    incident at suzuka round 2.

    Date: 14/06/2017 Members Involved: Dustin Hickmann Lap & Corner: lap 6 corner 7 Description: He is a quick driver but that incident was completely wreckless and ruined my race if he was that quick he would have been able to pass the 3 laps before that, but instead he got impatient and just...
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    AOR iRacing Ferrari Challenge Championship And Ford - Sign Up & Info

    #3 - Andy Collins-Reed - UK & I - Speed Asylum Racing - Ferrari - A2.84