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  1. neonostra

    PS4 T300 Wheel calibration

    Hello, I am struggling with the right calibration Numbers ( decrees ) for my t300 te wheel. Also with the gamesettings. Anybody who can help me and share his settings so that I can start enjoing this great game?
  2. neonostra

    Random button presses.

    Can somebody help me with the following problem. I`m having issues with totally random, "ghost" button presses. Not completely random because it's always the D-buttom up or the pause button. While racing online it is not very fine to be swapped into your pause screen.... My own thoughts are...
  3. neonostra

    PS4 30 sec penalty removal

    Platform + League: ps4 tier 4 League Coordinator: @Michel--NL Date: 17/07/19 Members Involved: @Pocoyoporsch Description: Got a 30 sec penalty for giving back position 9 to somebody who is way behind me. I think this is lag. Evidence: watch from 36.30
  4. neonostra

    PS4 PS4 -tier6-Daytona crash

    Platform + League: Ps4 tier 6 League Coordinator: @EnvoyExtreme Date: 27-03-2019 Members Involved: @jimski Description: In the corner he makes a sudden steering to the right and pushed me into the wall. Front wing damaged, and my top speed was gone. Resulting in een extra pitstop and no change...
  5. neonostra

    PS4 GT3 tier 6 incident

    Lap 18, @Sergios88 and AEBF ( don't know his psn name) crashed. I was in battle for 3th place and avoid the cars. But AEBF kicks on the gas, and hit me once, then again kicks the gas, hit me twice. Damaged 27% procent. Then I passed me and, then he will drive between me, 4th position and the 3th...
  6. neonostra

    PS4 F1 A3 incident first corner.

    From 27:00, after the first corner I was kicked out the circuit by @ModernNuke3. I stayed on the right side on the track but still he came to me and hit me. I rest of the race was nothing more for me then a lonely drive. :confused:
  7. neonostra

    FOV settings Pcars 2 ps4

    As i am still beginning to learn about simracing and car settings, I noticed that the FOV settings are as important as setups. I am beginning to practice the cockpit settings and noticed that you can be seconds faster with the right settings and not the nicest settings. My mistake was the...
  8. neonostra

    playseat and static electricity!?

    I bought a playseat recently and with that the problem of a disconnected wheel.....WHEN I GET OUT OF THE SEAT. Sound strange ans I really began to question myself. I am really getting grazy!? After long searching on the internet I found others with the same strange problem.....only when you get...