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  1. klawutzke


    "I'm going to close the thread for now, but not so it isn't discussed elsewhere but to stop pointless arguing in circles. I would make 1 comment though which I suggest all those complaining consider: If you look at the xbox side of things 1 player (Noble 2909) dominated the F1 league from the...
  2. klawutzke

    Hamish cheat?

    Dear Stewards, I know it is annoying as you had to deal with some kind of this previously, but for me it got to a point now, where I simply can not believe that @Hamish Sopwith is driving without some kind of cheat. Hamish is driving so quick dispite hitting almost no corner, driving far from...
  3. klawutzke

    Start incident Hamish - klawutzke

    Platform + League: PC / Split 1 League Coordinator: @Andrei Codreanu Members involved: @Hamish Sopwith @klawutzke Description: I had a good start and got up to P2 before the first corner. I choose the outside line for the first corner and then I got pushed outside of the track and lost 4...
  4. klawutzke

    PC Split 1 - Start Incident - klawutzke-MarcoFD-DoubleDee1010?

    In the first corner of the race pushed Marco me off the track. In my opinion Ieft enough room for the guys on the outside line but despite of that they pushed me from my line. Video: I hope Marco and DoubleDee will post their pov.
  5. klawutzke

    Jerez Pre-Season Event

    I wanted to say that I won't make it tonight. I'm on vacation and back on Tuesday evening, so then I can race some Socials :)