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  1. CrackshotGang

    Unfair penalties during and after safety car

    League: PS4 Reddit League League Co-ordinator: @Throfter, Division: PS4 DIVISION DATE: 23/05/2020 I received multiple penalties during safety cars period without getting a warning. Begins 56:14
  2. CrackshotGang

    PS4 PS4 A1 (and others) Social Race SUN (12/04/20)

    Date: Sunday 12 April 2020 Time: Anywhere between 7pm - 8pm (depending if everyone is online) (UK Time) Circuit: Mexico ADD ME ON PSN: CrackshotGang Lobby Settings: Host: @CrackshotGang Qualifying: Short Distance: 50% Cars: Equal (F1 2019 cars) Weather: Dynamic Safety Car: On Parc Ferme: On...
  3. CrackshotGang

    Poll: Who would like an F2 season for Season 19?

    Hi AOR!! It being going around for a couple of days now that we are accepting interests for an AOR F2 League. Woffubet has posted sign outs (more like interest sign sheets) in the F1 Community Events. Please sign as we need at least half a grid to make this go forward. (It will be even...
  4. CrackshotGang

    Resolved Can I please change my username?

    Hi AOR I was wondering if i could change my username so it could match my ps4 name? If possible please let me know. Thanks