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  1. Jack Simpson

    PC ACC Tier 3 - Round 1 - Lap 31 - Drives into me while turning around

    ACC Tier + Round Number: Tier 3 - Round 1 League Coordinator: @Xeonski @LiboCZ Date: 02/06/20 Members Involved: Me and @jura (Jurica Slovinac) Description: Spins out, when trying to turn back around he drives into me Evidence: My Perspective: Their Perspective:
  2. Jack Simpson

    Moved Tier 3 - Round 3 - Lap 28 - Out-braking Incident (Jasper Van Ruiten)

    ACC Tier + Round Number: Tier 3 Round 3 League Coordinator: @Xeonski @LiboCZ Date: 25/02/2020 Members Involved: Myself and Jasper Van Ruiten Description: Just out-brakes himself and clips my rear left but the consequences were quite substantial. Had to pit and dropped from 5th to 27th. Could...