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    PS4 AL1 - Pit braking too early

    Platform + League: PS4 Assist League 1 League Coordinator: @Harinioarg @GameAholicFTW Date: 08/09/19 Members Involved Me and @Adrilocdoc Description: We are going to pit both to change to intermediate tires, and he brakes too early causing me not to have time to react and damage the front wing...
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    PS4 A1 PS4 Abu Dhabi

    Platform + League: PS4 A1 League Coordinator: @Harinioarg Date: March 24th 2019 Members Involved: @EnergeticsixNL @Jos_Heinssie Description: He pushes me twice off the track and on the next lap, he gives me from behind. At no time did they return my position. Evidence: 0:00 @EnergeticsixNL...
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    PS4 A1 China incident lap 11 turn 16

    Platform + League: PS4 A1 League Coordinator: @Harinioarg Date: 15/10/18 Members Involved: @sevillaste_11 @Milan Description: Milan makes a straight pit entrance as if there was no one in front of him that causes him to break a part of the front wing and lose a lot of time. Evidence: