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  1. Bruno Bch

    Moved F3 PS4 3 sec penalty removal

    Platform + League: PS4 F3 League Coordinator: @Zaack Date: 10/05/2020 Members Involved: @HART-Holleben and me Description: Lap 20 I was behind Vaporeon and Hart (SIKMIKANIKO). Vaporeon overtook Hart at the hairpin and I try to passed him as well. But he give me no room, pushed me on the grass...
  2. Bruno Bch

    Moved F3 Incident with Baki under SC

    Platform + League: AOR PS4 F3 League Coordinator: @Zaack Date: 5.4.2020 Members Involved: @Baki2-_ Description: On Lap 15 and under the SC, I was P8 with Baki behind me. At the second chicane, he hit me and I spun immediately due of the contact. That incident ruined my race and I restarted...