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  1. Jeff[NL]

    PC ACL S5 - Round 7 Getting hit from behind

    Platform + League: PC + ACL Season 5 League Coordinator: @Noztra @hinesy32 Date: 28/05/18 Members Involved: @iJokeri22 Description: I think this incident was in lap 3 /4 ? I had a fight with 2 other drivers. Since it was looking dangerous i backed out a little and defended the inside of the...
  2. Jeff[NL]

    PC Is there a need for same car league ?

    Hi guys and girls. Since i left AC because of the release of Pcars2 i started to miss one big ting ( does not go ssssskkkrrrrraaaaa :p) I always loved racing in equal and same cars . I kinda miss this and i was wondering if there are more people who like this to ? My idea is a somewhat same...
  3. Jeff[NL]

    PC Social Race GT3 Circuit of the Americas 20/10/17 08.00PM UK

    Event Information: ● Date: Friday 20th October 2017 ● Lobby opens: 7:30pm (UK time) ● Event starts: 8:00pm (UK time) ● Event Car: GT3 ● Event format: - Practice: 30 minutes - Qualifying: 15 minutes - Race: 60 minutes SERVER INFO Server details will be announced before race on discord and on...
  4. Jeff[NL]

    PC Round 7 Barcelona Race 2 - Closed

    Platform + League: PC Assetto Corsa Season 3 League Coordinator: @Noztra @Mazy CZ @AndrexUK Date: 24/7/17 Members Involved: @Jeff[NL] @C. Tscharf Description: At first i would like to appoligize to @Mr AlcoN i really thought it was you who hit me in that corner and i was looking in replay to...
  5. Jeff[NL]

    PC Round 6 Silverstone Race 2 Unsafe rejoin - closed

    Platform + League: PC Assetto Corsa Season 3 League Coordinator: @Noztra @Mazy CZ @AndrexUK Date: 17/7/17 Members Involved: @Infected Space @Jeff[NL] Description: After spinning off track @Infected Space rejoined track on race line. This was very dangerous i think and i had to brake very hard...
  6. Jeff[NL]

    How to stop chair from rotation / swivel any ideas ?

    So this week i got some new pedals and i need to push pretty hard. So what happens now is that 1. my chair sometimes move backwards while braking . Not good... and 2. the chair rotates / swivel and my legs and lower back need to catch that what results eventually in lower back problems. I am...
  7. Jeff[NL]

    Who played this game ? :D

    Ahhhh back in the old days ! Sneeking out of bed early morning ...keeping volume down what was almost impossible because the sound of the computer was made trough a little speaker inside of it. Man those where the times ! No buggs no annoying other drivers or disconnections :p Making you...
  8. Jeff[NL]

    Ready for some proper race experience !

    Hi guys, I am Jeff (33) from The Netherlands and after playing to much public races on project cars PC i desperately need some good quality races. I have played some league races before in FC ,Formula Gulf , LMP1 and GT3. I notice online that there are not many competitors that are fast so i...