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    PC ACL S5 - Round 9 - Track rejoin causing a crash

    Platform + League: PC Assetto Corsa league S5 League Coordinator: @Noztra @hinesy32 Date: 11/06/2018 - Imola Race 2 Members Involved: @MaCRacing13 Description: Coming to the turns 9 and 10, battleling with Berserkmir, i ran a little bit wide at turn 10 to be sure to avoid any contact with him...
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    AOR ACL RSS Formula 4 video game box cover for PC/PS4/XB1

    I did this a while ago so if you have a clear video game box you can try to print it and put it in, with every team represented on the cover page :D I think i'm pretty close for the PC dimension proportion but not sure at all for XB1 and PS4 cover
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    PC ACL S5 - Round 3 - Race 1 - Not giving enough space on the straight line

    Platform + League: AOR ACL RSS Formula 4 Season 5, Round 3 at Salzburgring, Race 1, Lap 2 (?) League Coordinator: @Noztra @hinesy32 @Niclas Domino Date: 23/04/2018 Members Involved: @Astrit Arsllani Description: Lap 2, on the second big straight line, i'm going to the right of @Astrit Arsllani...
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    PC Multiple race incidents + stop go penalty removal - Christmas Cup Round n°5

    (First, sorry for all these works i give to the stewards at the beginning of the year but things have to be done right? :) ) 1. So first I had a contact lap 1 with @Tomyum i let the stewards decide if he's responsible for the crash (i really think he is cause i let him some space and he had...
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    What Assetto Corsa DLC should i buy?

    Everything is on the title, i'm looking for advice cause i just get the game and i find the default content a little bit poor :)
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    PC Dangerous Driving leading to a retirement - Christmas Cup Round 2 Belgium

    Platform + League: PC Christmas League League Coordinator: @TheVerenzak and @alexukr Date: 23 DEC 2017 Members Involved: Me (@Pwox ) and @Haydn (dangerous driving) and 5 others driver but i don't know if i can mention them because i don't know their point of view, but i'm gonna do it anyway...