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  1. MauritzOsim

    PC AOR ACC GT3 League - Feedback thread - Season 5

    What did you particularly like and dislike about the past season? I did not understand how the sorting of the tiers were done at the start, but it does not really matter as I had a lot of fun with the people in my tier. Bumpy start, but it got better after the week break. I would like to see...
  2. MauritzOsim

    Closed Tier 8 - Round 7 - Lap 7 - Lapped car costing time while racing for position

    ACC Tier + Round number: Tier 8 Round 7 League Coordinator: @morphee7 Date: 2020/11/03 Members involved: #736 @MauritzOsim, #76 @saxondale76, #195 @ddivad and #204 @Domi64S Description: I was catching @ddivad and @saxondale76 for position and was trying to race them. We came up to lap...