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  1. Troyfmcg

    XB1 AOR F4 - Safety car incidents

    Platform + League: XB1 F4 League Coordinator: @miniminiman09 Date: 18/10/2020 Members Involved: @Troyfmcg @RH5 @hughesy Description: INCIDENT 1: Under the saftey car, Rian has appeared to have brake checked me twice in as many corners, assuming it is unintentional of course, this causes me to...
  2. Troyfmcg

    XB1 AOR F4 - Crash

    League: AOR XB1 F4 Round 6 Date: 11/10/2020 Drivers involved: @SoggyCabbages @George Roke Description: Posting my POV of an incident that happened. IMO It looks like two agressive moves with the latter resulting in a DNF accident. Soggy and Statto can discuss it from here. Evidence:
  3. Troyfmcg

    XB1 XB1 F4 Australia - SC Penalty

    League: F4 Drivers involved: @Troyfmcg @PriceyNumber1 Description: I was leading for safety car restart and Pricey got punted from behind which in turn hit him into me giving us both a 5 second penalty for causing a collision under SC. EDIT: Only just been made aware that I was given a further 5...
  4. Troyfmcg

    XB1 Private server social race - 29/7/8PM

    Setting up a social race to see how the private server goes! Hopefully get a good clean lobby as I’m fed up of being bashed in the competitive servers! Server name will be AOR Social Race. Password will be Password Track: Spa Free Practice: 5 mins Qualifying: 10 mins Race: 45 Mins No Pitstop...
  5. Troyfmcg

    Calling time.

    Hello there AOR/ARL! This will most likely be my last forum post for a long while but it is one that I have known is coming for a few months. I will be calling time on my "competitive" online racing days as I start my first job on the 9th of January, in the British Army. The ARL as it was...
  6. Troyfmcg

    XB1 GT3 Pro - Nordschliefe

    Involved: Myself and WRL Montoya. Deliberate takeout IMO. Never waited to let me back through after, because of the damage sustained I crahsed later in the lap at the blind left because my suspension was broken and I didn't know, this caused me to retire due to drivability and power issues...
  7. Troyfmcg

    DiRT Rally XB1 League

    DiRT Rally is nearly upon us and it seems to be very very interesting, especially the way the leagues work on the game. You can setup a public league online which could be very good if there is interest on here, which is what I want to know!!! Who would be interested in participating in a DiRT...
  8. Troyfmcg

    Football Manager 2016 - Stories

    Kurt: Threads moved over to this thread for convenience sake. Troy's post is at the top due to the AOR's chronological order placement system. Simply put this is an official thread for you guys to post your stories. Thanks guys! Start of Troy's Story: This is it! My challenge this year on FM...
  9. Troyfmcg

    DiRT3 Is available on the XB1!

    Yes! It's actually available on the XB1! Maybe we could get some social rallies on the go if there is enough interest?!
  10. Troyfmcg

    Resolved Name change

    Hey can someone change my forum name to Troyfmcg, cheers!
  11. Troyfmcg

    FM6 - 11/9/15 - 8PM Uk Time -Touring cars social night

    Right, so FM6 Is upon us for those with early access, I'm thinking about doing some touring car races on random circuits! Post your gamertag below if you want to race Any of the BTCC Cars allowed, no WTCC or STCC as they aren't built to the same regs. You can race mulitple cars during the...
  12. Troyfmcg

    Capture Cards - Are they worth the money?

    So, I've been debating with myself over whether or not I should purchase a capture card to run on my XB1, And I really unsure about which one I would purchase. My laptop, yes, laptop, is a HP Pavillion 15 with an AMD A8 And a Radeon Graphics card, I believe it has 8gb ram so it is a very...
  13. Troyfmcg

    XB1 GT3 Elite League: Donington

    So Atticus is running behind me with full beam headlights which ain't permitted then he hits me off and doesn't let me back through, no attempt to even slow down for me either. Here is a link to the clip which shows the incident...
  14. Troyfmcg

    XB1 19/07/15 - 8PM UK Time - 50% @ Cataluyna

    Race Distance: 50% Qualifying: Short Damage: Full Flags & Penalties: Reduced Weather Conditions: Dynamic Assists: Banned Car Performance: Equal Remember to add my Gamertag so I can invite you. My Gamertag is: TroyzeH Normal AOR rules apply 3/16 Mercedes: - @TroyzeH - Ferrari: - @TRL...
  15. Troyfmcg

    RIP Project Cars...

    I loaded up project cars this morning, I have super amounts of lag in the menus and on the start video too, I'm not the only one with this issue, Who else on here has this? This could well be the nail on the ever growing coffin of pCars... I just don't understand how it could be delayed for so...
  16. Troyfmcg

    XB1 19/06/2015 - 8PM - DTM Social Night

    This is a DTM Social night with racing only, Short races to keep it tight and close! We'll be racing the classic DTM and the Mercedes C-Class DTM Car too! Maybe throw in a couple of curve ball circuits to mix it up too! Add Toryzeh for an invite to the lobby Penalties: No Tyre wear: Real Fuel...
  17. Troyfmcg

    XB1 29/05/15 - 8PM UK Time - GT3 @ Road America

    Date: 29/05/2015 Time: 8PM Uk Time Circuit: Road America Car Class - GT3 Race Laps: 27 Laps Qualifying: 15Mins Warm Up: 5 Mins Standing Start: Yes Assists Banned : Yes/No Mechanical Failures: No Damage: Yes Tyre Wear: x7 Fuel x Usage: Real-time Flags & Penalties: Disabled Weather Conditions...
  18. Troyfmcg

    AORD2 - General chat

    Chat and organise fixtures for the season ahead!
  19. Troyfmcg

    AORD1 - General Chat

    Chat and organise fixtures for the season ahead!
  20. Troyfmcg

    XB1 - AOR Division 2 Fixture list

    Here is the fixture list for Season five of division 2 of the AOR FIFA League! Here is a list of the teams and participants for the upcoming season! Round 1 & 2 (25/05 - 31/05) CPFC Brewer 3 v 1 Whoz jinx Smithycity99 3 v 1 CharlieRogers InfamousVader1997 4 v 0 TRL Schumacher RandyMcScrandy1...