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    Closed ACC PS4 Tier 7 Round 3, Lap 1 T3 & T4 - Contact Incident with @Luche109 & Milusan

    ACC Tier + Round Number: Tier 7 Round 3 (Lap 1) League Coordinator: @Hygrade B Date: 29/9/20 Members Involved: @Luche109 & @Milusan Description: Small bump in my rear from car behind which caused me to push @Luche109 off track, rejoining in a dangerous manner swiping my rear end of the car and...
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    Closed TIER 7 LAP 1 Incident with @FOT79

    ACC Tier + Round Number: Tier 7 Round 1 League Coordinator: @Hygrade B Date: 15/9/20 Members Involved: FOT79 Description: Left track rejoined during lap 1 resulting in rear ending of my car as i was on racing line Evidence: Photos/Videos of the incident if applicable.