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  1. mallucm

    PS4 GP2 PS4 (F1 2016) - Season 12: Overtaker of the Season

    Just a thought I've had for a bit of fun. Hopefully it could provide some extra fun and something to enjoy besides good results. :) Have you pulled off an overtake you're very happy with or maybe overtaken in a way that made your jaw drop? If so (and if it's been recorded), post the clip...
  2. mallucm

    PS3 Season 11 - F1 2013 USA Incident

    Platform + League: PS3 Season 11 League Coordinator: @Philip_66 @James Thorpe Date: 01/05/16 Members Involved: @mallucm @Brown Description: Brown and I were going side by side through the sweeping corners at the start of the track, and we made contact. I have no idea what happened at the time...
  3. mallucm

    PS3 Highlights Vid :)

    Just a bit of fun. :) Cheers @Iceman46 and @CianG-4 For the battles!
  4. mallucm

    PS3 AOR PS3 Brazil Iceman Incident

    Platform + League: PS3 League Coordinator: @Philip_66 @James Thorpe Date: 13/03/16 Members Involved: @Iceman46, @F1_Dan Description: Last round of the season and it was a very intense race with a heavy emphasis on strategy. We enter sector 2 of the last lap in intermediate conditions...
  5. mallucm

    PS3 Race at India?

    @Philip_66 @James Thorpe India is approaching on the calendar, but would it be possible to miss the track next weekend and instead race the track after, have a break week or a social race? We had track limit problems at Canada, Monza, Silverstone and here a little bit even. Tracks have been...
  6. mallucm

    PS3 Merry Christmas! :D

    Hello, I would like to thank everyone for some fantastic, fun racing this year and Merry Christmas! :)
  7. mallucm

    PS3 Round 4: Bahrain, If US GP cancelled, race today?

    Hi! Remember this is if the race is cancelled or delayed, not definitely happening. It's just an idea. :)
  8. mallucm

    PS3 PS3 Season 10 Round 2: Malaysia

    Hello! I won the PS3 race today round Malaysia but I'd like to make sure it's fair. Here is my quali lap and full race so it's all here, I haven't cut out any corner cuts or collisions or anything. If you do think I deserve a penalty at all I understand. :) The things I'd like to make sure...
  9. mallucm

    PS3 PS3 [06/10 - 19:30] 50% @ Silverstone (Close)

    Hello, anyone up for a social race in an hour? ;) Normal AOR Rules Apply. Remember to send a message to the game host for your invite to the game lobby. Please don't sign up unless less you intend to attend and complete the race! Attending Players: Red Bull - Mclaren - Ferrari -...
  10. mallucm

    PS3 Korea

    Hello. I'd like to make sure I drove cleanly for my races in Korea and therefore have uploaded all my race footage to YouTube unedited including qualifying. There are a couple of moments that seem a bit strange. Qualifying - I felt my laps were acceptably clean. My best lap was my 3rd run...