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  1. chris130256

    lap time confusion?

    Since I came back to PC2 I have experienced lap time performance differences that I cannot understand? EG, online race Renault 3.5 at Monza yesterday in my 1st session quali I did a 1.33.7. and 3 laps in low 34's. I ended the session and immediately started quali again. No setup change. This...
  2. chris130256

    PS4 F4 penalty removal

    Platform + League: PS4 F4 League Coordinator: @DON SILVA Date: 5th June Members Involved: @chris130256 Description: Don and OTG had an incident and I overtook them only to be told it was an illegal move? I have done nothing wrong? This must be a glitch or bug? Anyway, I tried to slow enough to...
  3. chris130256

    ps4 veterans mini champs.

    2 weeks left in the gt3 season and then there will be a few weeks break. I'm thinking of running a Veterans mini champs for anyone 38 years old plus. I know there are a good few of us. Cars DTM's possibly with default settings, so equal for all and you won't have to put in loads of setup...
  4. chris130256

    PS4 DTM Silverstone Wednesday 23rd Dec 8pm

    Event Details: Date: 23rd Dec Time: 8PM Circuit: Silverstone Gp Car Class DTM 2 Races Laps: 15 each 1sr race ...dry 2nd race...rain Qualifying: 5Mins Warm Up: 5 Mins Standing Start: No Assists Banned : as per 'pro' league Mechanical Failures: No Damage: Yes Tyre Wear: Fuel x Usage: Real-time...
  5. chris130256

    PS4 LMP's 36 laps Imola Wed 22/07/2015 8.00pm

    Event Details:Date: Wednesday 23/07/2015 Time: 8.00pm Circuit: Imola Car Class LMP's Race Laps: Qualifying: 15Mins Warm Up: 5 Mins Standing Start: No Assists Banned : No Mechanical Failures: No Damage: No Tyre Wear: Fuel x Usage: x2 Flags & PenaltiesDisabled Weather Conditions: Time &...
  6. chris130256

    PS4 Le Mans LMP's 16 laps 15/07/2015 8pm

    As I can't do the 4 hour event and I'm sure that there are others who would like to but can't, I've set up an alternative. It will also give racers a chance to practise for the endurance race. Plus we get to race on our league race night. Event Details:Date: 15/07/2015 Time: 8.00pm Circuit...
  7. chris130256

    What computer

    Hi all, I was thinking about getting involved next season but unsure to what kind of computer is worthy of this game? I have a budget of £500. Would this buy me a decent enough rig on which to play? Any info would be very helpful. Cheers. Chris.
  8. chris130256

    PS3 Thursday GP2 Italy

    Platform + League: ps3 Thursday GP2 League Coordinator: @DON SILVA Date:26th Feb Members Involved: @Bcolt93 @chris130256 Description: Enter a description of the situation here. Please try to remain partial, but remember that all parties involved will have their chance to speak. Bcolt already...