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  1. BlackViperGT

    PC Americas F2 Blocked Off

    Platform + League: PC America F2 League Coordinator: @Lundqvistbro @Steph Farelle Date: 4/11/21 Members Involved: @notariom Description: At the start of the race, going into Turn 6 me and @notariom are side by side going into Turn 7, I left him space while preparing to take the inside line...
  2. BlackViperGT

    Moved Blackviper collision

    I apologize for the incident but as we go up the Dunlop Curve, you ended up going wide and I took full advantage to go inside, under full throttle and rich fuel, and still turning in and turning in more so due to the straightening of the corner before the Degner Curves, although it was tight, I...
  3. BlackViperGT

    PC AOR PC F11 League - Season Highlights

    Ya I spun on lap 5 and fell down to 8th and then climbed back up and battled you @Hinyaldee for the remainder of the race, i think you were running a lower downforce setup than me cause it was the straights that you beat me on. I didn't realize I won till a bit after the end of the race lol I...
  4. BlackViperGT

    PC AOR PC F11 League - Season Highlights

    Best qualifier: with 9 polls @ntst22 then @cata82 and myself with 4 Best racer: @cata82 Most consistent driver: @Diallo Biggest corner-cutter of the season : @Hinyaldee obviously Cleanest driver: I think @sjhk93 Best overtaker: @BlackViperGT i still think i had the best one ...
  5. BlackViperGT

    Moved BlackViper spins me out

    Not really, I just had a better exit out of that turn and since the 3 of us were so buncched I really didn't have the time or space to react to his slow exit and slow down, which would have probably be me having been tapped from behind.
  6. BlackViperGT

    Moved PC F11 - Round 21 Brazil - Use of Reset to track

    I was waiting to see if anyone would make a report about this since I had a full audience behind me but like I said, what the game did was out of my control and furthermore, it would have been blatantly obvious and would have penalized me if I had used the Rest to Track function.
  7. BlackViperGT

    Moved PC F11 - Round 21 Brazil - Use of Reset to track

    Coming off the restart I wasn't comfortable with my tire temps, and coming out of turn 11 they just gave away and I went off track and once I got the car stable I started to head to rejoin the track after turn 12, but the game auto reset my car, that wasn't within my control. If I understand it...
  8. BlackViperGT

    Moved PC F11 No room left in turns 1+2

    Not trying to blame anyone, I just was a pinball between 3 people and seeing what happened.
  9. BlackViperGT

    Moved PC F11 No room left in turns 1+2

    Platform + League: PC F11 League Coordinator: @Hinyaldee Date:2/7/21 Members Involved: @Norax @SLI @Hinyaldee Description: Going into turn one, I split Norax and SLI and brake late into the corner leaving space, and Norax loses his line and runs into mine, hitting me and then pushing me into...
  10. BlackViperGT

    Moved F11 Rejoining track out of control

    Platform + League: PC F11 League Coordinator: @Hinyaldee Date: 1/24/21 Members Involved: @HiggsBoson97 Description: @HiggsBoson97 carries too much speed going into turn 8 and goes off track and decided to rejoin the track with a few cars behind him, and I subsequently have no room and run into...
  11. BlackViperGT

    PC Round 15 - Italian Grand Prix [03/01/21 8:00pm UK]

    Qualy: P2 Race: P2 (P4 cause penalties :P) Qualifying wasn't too bad, finally got my seat and rig set up and having a consistent set-up helped stayed consistent with my qualy being .2 off my personal best, which I was happy going into the race with. Race started off well, nothing exciting for...
  12. BlackViperGT

    PC F100% Abu Dhabi (20 Dec)

    I went ahead and signed up @Tudor900
  13. BlackViperGT

    PC Round 14 - Belgian Grand Prix [13/12/20 8:00pm UK]

    Qualy P2 Race DNF I really had a good feeling on regaining points this weekend but two incidents just set me back and ruined the race and just leaves a bad taste in my mouth for practicing to see it end this way. At this point I'm def no longer fighting for a top 5 finish by seasons end.
  14. BlackViperGT

    Moved Clipped in the final Chicane

    Platform + League: PC F11 League Coordinator: @Hinyaldee Date: 12/13/20 Members Involved: @Steve Jackson Description: I got a good run on @Steve Jackson before the final Chicane, carrying more speed than him and going for an outside pass on turn 18 the car becomes slightly loose which made me...
  15. BlackViperGT

    Moved Contact and spin-out

    Platform + League: PC F11 League Coordinator: @Hinyaldee Date: 12/13/20 Members Involved: @ntst22 @cata82 Description: On the Kemmel Straight going into turn 7, @ntst22 made two contacts with me, when he had room in his line, and going into turn7 he locks up turning into my line and with no...
  16. BlackViperGT

    PC Round 9 - Canadian Grand Prix [08/11/20 8:00pm UK]

    Quali: P2 - I could have squeezed a extra few tenths but do to being blocked on the first corner of my run I had to settle. Race: P8 - I kept it clean and did nothing wrong until the VSC came out right after the Safety Car and it cooled down my rear tires a bit, because of all the corners to...
  17. BlackViperGT

    Moved Cut off/Turned into and got 3 second penalty

    Platform + League: PC F11 League Coordinator: @Hinyaldee Date: 11/8/20 Members Involved: @Steve Jackson Description: I was stuck behind @Steve Jackson after doing a late pit and gave him a good run going into the final corner where I passed him and not having the proper racing line going into...
  18. BlackViperGT

    PC AOR America F1 PC League Season 5 - Main Thread

    @Fizzymon @Steph Farelle Hey guys, after last weekend and thinking of it more, I'm dropping out of the American split. I only planned on participating in the Euro split this season and after giving the American split a go, I can't justify giving up my full day for this split anymore when I'm...
  19. BlackViperGT

    Moved Brake Checked

    Platform + League: PC Americas F1 League Coordinator: @Steph Farelle @Fizzymon Date: 10/18/20 Members Involved: @FOR myCon Description: Going onto the front straight, @FOR myCon gets a good run at me coming out so I yield the position going into turn 1 and brake earlier than normal to give him...
  20. BlackViperGT

    Moved Turned in on and broken wing

    Platform + League: PC F11 League Coordinator: @Hinyaldee Date: 10/18/20 Members Involved: @Hinyaldee @Norax Description: I got a good run and beside @Norax going into pool, and was slightly ahead of him under braking but he turns in on me early, upsetting the car, breaking my traction and...