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    Closed Tier 6 - Race 1 - lap 32

    ACC Tier 6 Round №1 League Coordinator: @CHRSMELLYANAN Date: 12.01.2021 Members Involved: @Valbuena39 Description: I want to write about a bug in the game that spoiled the result of my race and find out what can be done about it. On lap 31, the Ferrari roundabout decided to let me pass in the...
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    Closed ACC Tier7 Round 6 Lap 5 and lap 6 - Collision with @Luche109

    ACC Tier + Round Number: ACC Tier7 Round 6 League Coordinator: @Hygrade B Date:28.10.2020 Members Involved: @Valbuena39 & @Luche109 Description: 1) Circle 5. I was in first place. At the entrance to the сhicane @Luche109 made a dive bomb to the inside and hit my car, thus making overtaking. As...
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    Closed ACC Tier7 Round 5 Lap 33 - Collision with @Hygrade B

    ACC Tier + Round Number: ACC Tier7 Round 5 League Coordinator: @Hygrade B Date:13.10.2020 Members Involved: @Valbuena39 & @Hygrade B Description: 33 lap race round 5. Laguna Seca. I was catching up with @Hygrade B's car. He had blue flags. On the start-finish straight on the descent to braking...