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    Closed Tier 5 Round 5 Lap 1 Turn 5

    The car before me brake much stronger then my while I was already at full brakes. Also he changed his racing line suddenly and drove into my racing line instantly. Couldn't do anything to avoid this contact. Sorry for that.
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    Closed Tier 5 - Round 2 Suzuka - Lap 6-10 - Blue flag defending

    I was defending with full right to do it as I was already after pits. "A lap later, we're already just behind him despite our disappointing pace (but still a second faster than Kowalewski's)." - sometimes our lap times are better sometimes not. You came just behind me but after that I have been...
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    PS ACC GT3 Season 1 - Tier 6 - Race 8 - Paul Ricard [10/11/2020 7:30pm UK]

    Sorry but cannot make it to start in this race - private stuff. Hopefully rejoin for last final round :) Good luck to everyone!
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    Closed tier 6 round 7 lap 3

    Cannot agree. It wasn't dive bomb. It was a try to overtake in the corner. @monkeymeg44 left the space to go inside and I was trying to use this space. Moreover just before the accident he was informed about "the car on the left" and could react properly to levae the space on his left. He...
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    Closed tier 6 round 7 lap 1

    Cannot agree. It was safe rejoining the track sticking to it's left side knowing there are cars on the right.
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    PS ACC GT3 season 1-Tier 6-Race 3 Kyalami [29/09/2020 7:30pm uk]

    Check the video at 1:44:37:) 11 mins before race end still on the lead. Pace was good. Unfortunately not managed with the pressure from two of you behind and spinned up:) Fortunately I maneged somehow to arrive P3 as my rear tyres were almost dead... Congrats to P1 and P2!
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    PS AOR ACC GT3 League - Hotstint Thread - Season 1

    Gamertag/ID: @blacksmith Hotstint Time: 11:43.203 Laps completed: 6 Screenshot(s):