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  1. pete day

    PS Parking on the straight

    Platform + League: PS4 FR 3.5 Tier 2 season 2 League Coordinator: @Michel--NL Date: 08/06/2020 Members Involved: @pete day @dudu Description: goin down the straight and @dudu was at stand still and he damaged my car and made me roll I couldn't rest car to go back on track in the sprint race...
  2. pete day

    Moved Penalty removed

    F6 lsd_high321 mod @Limaro_83 Can I get this removed as I was under a vsc?
  3. pete day

    PS F8

    #1 Platform + League: AOR F8 League Coordinator: @HoinkDoink Date: 16/12/18 Members Involved: lsd_high v @milanozie right clip is a bit long but plz watch as u can see all the things i am on about start off with hits me forcing me off track track extending rejoining in a unsafe manners and...
  4. pete day

    PS Semi pro

    Platform + League: PS4 GT3 semi Pro League League Coordinator: @Seca Date: 8/03/2018 Members Involved: lsd_high @Tibjr Description: turn 2 i had inside line and then he just turn in to me he dnt wait plus i got damaged and i wud like this looked at to @Seca has already sed to me hes throttle...
  5. pete day

    PS Semi pro

    Platform + League: PS4 GT3 semi Pro League League Coordinator: @ Date: 28/02/2018 Members Involved: lsd_high @RacingAtHome Description: at the start of the race he dnt get in hes starting slot as i qualified 3nd nt 4th he decided to jump the start Evidence
  6. pete day

    PS Ginetta elitle

    Platform + League: PS4 Ginetta G40 Elite League - Race 2 League Coordinator: @YabbaTheHutt @NICK-NITRO Date: 06/02/2018 Members Involved: @VP_Phoenix Description: unsafe return to track and aggressive overtake it is all in video
  7. pete day

    PS Blocking on hot laps

    Platform + League: ps4 f5 League Coordinator sultan30 yabbathehutt Date:5 11 17 Members Involved: jetlol97 and phillip_29666 Descripoin jetlol blocked me then same lap phillip went off came bk on and blocked me on a hot lap to Evidence:
  8. pete day

    PS Ps4

    Platform + League: ps4 f5 russia League Coordinator: @sutain30 Date:5 11 17 Members Involved: vanossgaming93 or wjorr_30 Description: hi here is my video can u take the penalty off plz as i got to went i was hit from behind when i got it plus the drivers who hit me straight off track dnt wait i...
  9. pete day

    PS Aggressive driving

    Platform + League: tier4 League Coordinator: @DON SILVA Date:23 4 17 Members Involving @ xX-OTG-xX Description otg was faster than me but he hits me goin in to turn 1 i had no chance he runs me wide as u can see in video i was close to the apex then he try a wreckless move no way two cars can...
  10. pete day

    PS f3 Germany

    Platform + League:f3 League Coordinator: defint196 yabbathehutt Date:15 1 2017 Members Involved: jjaystyle333 Description: Enter a description of the situation here. Please try to remain partial, but remember that all parties involved will have their chance to speak. at start of race jjay hit...
  11. pete day

    PS dtm elite

    Platform + League: PS4 DTM Elite Date: 12.7.16 lsd_high v hunt_1241 hunt gets a penatly for cutting last corner i got pass him with ease and got in to turn 1 and bang he hit me that hit i got more damage which put me a second slower a lap
  12. pete day

    PS dtm elite

    Platform + League: PS4 DTM Elite Date: 12.7.16 lsd_high v clarky_110 @clarky_110 got a great start and moved to avoid hitting hes teammate and nearly taking out the person next to him and he slowed down cuz of this i got passed him goin in to t1 then he went for a gap that wasnt there taped me...
  13. pete day

    PS elite league watkins glen

    Platform + League: PS4 Elite League Coordinator: @Tiger Kart Date: 20/4/2016 Members Involved: @SaeidJ and me lsd_high i was behind him for about 8 9 laps i got a good run out of the second to last corner was about to set him up for a pass coming out last corner him made a block on me witch was...
  14. pete day

    PS spinning off and rejoining unsafe

    Platform + League: PS4 GT3 Elite League League Coordinator: @Lorrentz @iJokeri22 @ Date: 20/1/16 Members Involved: , @pete day and @Tigerkart_22 Description: spinning off and rejoining unsafe
  15. pete day

    PS super aggressive

    League Coordinator: @Lorrentz @iJokeri22 @Tigerkart_22 Date: 20/1/16 Members Involved: @pete day @supersrub Description: super aggressive driving as u can see @supersrub gos wide than next corner he force me wide i get a penalty for it and someone put me it the gravel pit after i think it was...
  16. pete day

    PS donington

    Platform + League: Ps4 - League Coordinator: @Tigerkart_22 Date: 2/12/2015 Members Involved: Description:getting hit on the grid
  17. pete day

    PS Elite league gt3

    Links for @Du7cH he sed will will sort it out for meAor elite league: Aor elite league: Aor elite league: Aor elite league:
  18. pete day

    PS back marker

    Platform ps4 League: gt3 pro League Coordinator: lorrentz Date:24/6/2015 Members Involved: lsd_high v teemd_nl Description: i was about to pass back markers i gave warning over the mic and i flashed my lights and he still hit me in to turn1e spin Evidence: @Teemd_nl @pete day @Lorrentz
  19. pete day

    Back marker Nt getting out of way

    I put my lights on as u can c long for I came up to pass them then light and asked him to let me by and he don't There it Nt much in it but he nearly made me spin us here r both video my race view and race replay
  20. pete day

    PS 14/6/15 Gt3 nurburgring 8pm uk

    I am running a 15 min qauil30 lap race all assists off add me Lsd_high if u are up for it