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  1. Alastre

    PC Round 6 - Spanish Grand Prix [11/10/20 20:00 UK]

    @RampageJackson You are new in this tier but I'm pretty sure you're a good and clean driver. That been said, been pushed out 4 corners before the last lap end while I was 2nd and you 3rd it has been a move I really can't understand. I want to be clear, I'm sure you didn't do it deliberately, but...
  2. Alastre

    PC [09/10 20:00 UK] Spain 50%

    Thnx for the tag, unfortunatly can't join tonight...have fun guys!
  3. Alastre

    PC [07/10 20:00 UK] Spain 50%

    Pink panther pls!
  4. Alastre

    PC Round 5 - Dutch Grand Prix [04/10/20 20:00 UK]

    I'm really sorry if somehow I ruined your race or being dungerous with my move. You are right about I could have wait (it's exactly what I often repeat to the others..) the drs zone, but in the momentum of the race I probably misjudge the situation. What can I say is that i brake late we were...
  5. Alastre

    PC Round 5 - Dutch Grand Prix [04/10/20 20:00 UK]

    It has been a roller coster GP. Glad finally to display a good performance with some great battles and overtakes. Had no time to test in rainy condition so the wet qualify ended after the first corner for me. Car destroyed and last place in the grid. I’ve been able to stay away from troubles ...
  6. Alastre

    PC [25/09 20:00 UK] China 50%

    Im in! Pink panther pls!
  7. Alastre

    PC [23/09 20:00 UK] China 50%

    Racing point pls
  8. Alastre

    Moved PC F10 Squeeze into the wall

    Ok then, it's in the second part of the video. Wasn't my intention to squeeze you you were on the outline at the hairpin i was, again, keeping my line i didn't turn right to squeeze you.
  9. Alastre

    Moved PC F10 Reckless driving

    You choose the right side, we were in front at about 320 km/h, once you choose the right instead of stay behind you ended up blocked...we also touched on the way after the hairpin but honestly don't see nothing wrong. Second part of the video.
  10. Alastre

    Moved PC F10 Squeeze into the wall

    Don't know where you see me squeezing you...once I've recovered tracion, I've kept a straight line, missing the braking point but kept my line. First part of the video.
  11. Alastre

    Moved PC F10 dive

    I've had a very poor start and being squeezed between you and @BoxAFrog . So focused to not get damaged me, we were very close, you can see from my POV the redbull hit me, I've hit you and I ended up missing the braking point and hit the Ferrari. Nothing on purpose. First part of the video.
  12. Alastre

    PC Round 3 - Vietnam Grand Prix [20/09/20 8:00pm UK]

    Once again, sorry to have put you out of the rae...really didn't see you and most of all totally miss pit entry. My bad mate.
  13. Alastre

    Moved PC F10 - Vietnam - Getting pushed off the track

    You need to upload it somewhere like YouTube or similar.. Then just copy paste the link.
  14. Alastre

    Moved PC F10 - Vietnam - Getting pushed off the track

    Fair call, but i just kept my racing line as you went too long...there was really no other place i could go or be. we hit when you rejoined in the track, wasnt really my intention to pushed you. Here is my pov.
  15. Alastre

    Moved F10 Lap 1 Incident

    That's totally my fault and apologies to ruin your race. I had a damaged wing and struggled to keep the car in the line, so i turned too late for the pit, did not see you, but again, i take full responsibility for the incident.
  16. Alastre

    PC Round 3 - Vietnam Grand Prix [20/09/20 8:00pm UK]

    Good qualify with P4 then wasted again spun like an idiot in lap 1...just want to apology to jackdow , for hit him at the start, I've been sandwitched and couldn't brake in time sorry!
  17. Alastre

    PC AOR PC F10 League - Main Thread

    Welcome back mate!
  18. Alastre

    PC Round 2 - Bahrain Grand Prix [13/09/20 8:00pm UK]

    I'll take it for what it is...a game. Excellente qualify with 2nd position...at the start I was close enough to @yohann to study his pace and driving..sadly I lost focus for a second and broken my wing on lap 3...so I went straight for hard tyres but, in the rush, forgot to rise +1 the front...
  19. Alastre


    @Kjofex are you in? Pink lady for me pls!