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  1. P1g3oN

    Moved [PC F5] pushed into pitlane

    Platform + League: PC F5 League Coordinator: @Pezi Date: 24.05.2020 Members Involved: me, @Dominiik18 Description: Dominiik and I went into the pitlane. He broke later than me and pushed me over the speed limit, giving me a 5 second penalty. Evidence:
  2. P1g3oN

    Moved PC F5 Japan penalty removal

    Platform + League: PC F5 League Coordinator: @Pezi Date: 29.03.2020 Members Involved: @P1g3oN Description: I very slightly cut the first part of the final chicane in Japan. The game gave me a 5 second penalty, I think I don't deserve anything more than a warning. Evidence: Sorry I was in...
  3. P1g3oN

    PC [PC] F8 warning removal

    Platform + League: PC F8 League Coordinator: @Dobby Date: 17/11/2019 Members Involved: @P1g3oN Description: I'd like to get the warning I got on lap 17 removed. I cut the corner very obviously but I also obviously backed out of the throttle which lost me time compared to going through the...
  4. P1g3oN

    PC [PC] F8 Penalty removal

    Platform + League: PC F8 League Coordinator: @Jipper Date: 08.09.2019 Members Involved: @P1g3oN Description: As you can see in the video the race director gave me 4 warnings. One was for contact on the first lap, then 2 for cutting the first corner (I was used to using as much track as...
  5. P1g3oN

    PC PC F9 Collision and unfair penalty

    Platform + League: PC F9 League Coordinator: @LolFish42 Date: 06.01.2019 Members Involved: @P1g3oN @PaddyS Description: Got hit by @PaddyS at the hairpin and got a time penalty while recovering. For some reason the game gave me a penalty on my 4th warning so that's how I ended with +6. I have...