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    PS4 Penalty removal X2

    Will this be moved to stewards??
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    PS4 Penalty removal X2

    Coordinator: @Curly Info: Going into the pits i run wide and get redicilously 1 instant penalty and 2 warnings, at the end i had 3 penalties with 0 extra warnings. Ps race director shows only 22 laps so i put 23-27 laps in the clip. the penalties cost me p5. Evidence:
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    PS4 Russia Practise 50% [SAT 09/02/19 8:00pm]

    This is just pathetic rly :D 0 replys
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    PS4 Russia Practise 50% [SAT 09/02/19 8:00pm]

    Date & Time: 09/02/19 8pm Track: Russia Host: Flying F1NN (i hope someone else can host it because my internet is ****.) Qualifying: Short Qualifying Distance: 50% Cars: Equal Weather: Clear Safety Car: Off Parc Ferme: Off Damage: Off Corner Cutting: Strict Formation Lap: On Race Starts: Manual...
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    PC [18/01 20:00UK] Belgium 50% #FSC

    reserve for lobby 1
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    PS4 Round 12 - Hungarian Grand Prix [13/01/19 7pm UK]

    Cant participate because i am sick.
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    PS4 Incident between me and flyingfinn

    the clip doesnot show the straight yet because its for another incident, ill get it soon aswell.
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    PS4 Incident between me and flyingfinn

    i re watched the clip and our contact is de sync aswell, our wheels didnot even thouch on my screen.
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    PS4 PS4 F1 Britain- Delibrate desync?

    The way you moved on me is the way to de sync a driver, i have nothing against you either.
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    PS4 Incident between me and flyingfinn

    Its over the deadline.
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    PS4 PS4 F1 Britain- Delibrate desync?

    Platform + League: Ps4 F1 League Coordinator: @Curly Date: 16.12 Members Involved: @Dominik Hofmann And (me) Flying F1NN Description: Before the incident i was having hard battle with jarnoracing, we made contact at becketts which gave me bad run for hangar straight and NTG_Freak was right...
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    AOR Classic Christmas Cup 2018 - Sign-Up Thread

    Might be bit late but if can ill sign up Gamertag: AOR_Flying_F1NN Region: Europe Tier : F1 Platform: Ps4
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    PS4 Round 5 - Spanish Grand Prix [11/11/18 7:30pm UK]

    if you push it to 8pm im not able to race.
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    PS4 Round 4 - Azerbaijan Grand Prix [04/11/18 7pm UK]

    Also on some tracks aswell if you put your foot on the floor when the sc ends u can spin out.
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    PS4 Round 3 - Chinese Grand Prix [14/10/18 7pm UK]

    I cant attend because im not at home when the race starts.
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    PS4 AOR PS4 F1 League - Driver Introduction Thread

    1. Who are you? Hi everyone my name is Atte im 13 years old kid from Finland. i will fill 14 in 1 month. Equipment: (playseat evolution and Logitech G29) I started karting when i was 4 and Motorsport is my passion. i needed to stop karting bcs my father wasnot interested anymore in the sport as...
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    PS4 Round 1 - Australian Grand Prix [30/09/18 7pm UK]

    i will try to make it but i have choir concert at 5 pm. So if im not there dont wait.
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    PS4 AOR PS4 F1 League - Car and Number Selection Thread

    1. Mercedes 2. Toro rosso 3. Haas 4. Renault 5. Mclaren Car number: 4 29 13