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    XB1 Friday Brazil 50% practice race

    I’m in. Cheers
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    XB1 [We 13th Mar, 8pm GMT] 50% Brazil

    I’m in. Cheers!
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    XB1 Round 19 Mexican GP Sunday March 10, 2019 [8:00PM EST]

    Ugh, missed the race by 2 mins. Huge crash on the interstate on my way home, traffic was a nightmare. Hope the race goes well! Apologies!
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    XB1 Friday México practice

    Haas Please. Cheers!
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    XB1 [We 6th Mar, 8pm GMT] 50% Mexico

    Twas a lonely race for me haha. After lap 4 or 5 I think, I was on my own in P8 til the end. This track is really hard to be consistently quick and remain clean. Thanks again @maxen for hosting
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    XB1 [We 6th Mar, 8pm GMT] 50% Mexico

    I’ll be there, Haas please. Cheers!
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    XB1 Round 18 United States GP Sunday March 3, 2019 [8:00PM EST]

    I can’t make it unfortunately. I’m stuck in NYC for work until late Sunday night. Was really looking forward to this race. I love COTA. Will let you know if anything changes
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    XB1 Friday USA practice 50%

    Not sure I can make this one. Travelling home tomorrow afternoon. Thanks
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    XB1 Super Bowl Sunday poll

    Damn, I have been away working the past 2 weeks and completely missed this without giving notice. Thought I was only gonna miss Japan given the week off I thought we were having after Russia. My apologies
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    XB1 Friday Japan 50% practice

    I’m away all of this week. Won’t be able to make it. Cheers!
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    XB1 Round 17 Japanese GP Sunday Feb 24, 2019 [8:00PM EST]

    @Jason Wilcox wont make it this Sunday. I’m flying home from a work thing on Sunday evening
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    XB1 Friday Japan 50% practice (15/02/19 8pm)

    @miniminiman09 won’t be able to make bud. Sorry for the last minute notice
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    XB1 Friday Japan 50% practice (15/02/19 8pm)

    I’ll be there! Cheers!
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    XB1 [We 13th Feb, 8pm GMT] 50% Japan (BONUS)

    I dared myself to try the SS to S strategy from the back (dreadful quali). Worked out great the first 5 laps, up to P4/P5, then they just died. Went onto cold mediums on lap 7 and spun out around lap 11/13 — could not warm them up But hey that’s what practice is for. Thanks @maxen for hosting!
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    XB1 [We 13th Feb, 8pm GMT] 50% Japan (BONUS)

    I should be good to go! Haas again please. Cheers!
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    XB1 Russia 50% Practice [SAT 09/02/19 8:00pm]

    Can’t make it today guys. Sound for the invite
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    XB1 Friday Night Social. 50% Russia. 8/2/19. 9PM

    Had some decent battles with the @xMinxG and @EditedFaun3698 . Locked up at the end of the back straight and cut the corner slight — stop and go penalty with no warnings... Second lock up and I hit the back of @EditedFaun3698 (sorry bud) — damaged wing. Both lock ups killed my momentum. Great...
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    XB1 [We 6th Feb, 8pm GMT] 50% Russia

    Had to pit lap 3 after an early incident. Put on softs to the end — absolutely terrible pace, couldn’t be any slower. Lucky to finish top 10
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    XB1 [We 6th Feb, 8pm GMT] 50% Russia

    Haas please Gamertag: BrayKingBad 94 Thanks a mil