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  1. Tex Wheeler

    Show your iRacing liveries & livery discussion thread

    Hi :) In this thread you can post pictures of your liveries and discuss liveries and painting in general. I'll start with some pictures of liveries I have made. First one is a little "memey" about a real life Ferrari team Risi competizione. Risi is almost like riisi; riisi is finnish and...
  2. Tex Wheeler

    PC PC GT3 Elite Penalty Removal

    Platform + League: PC GT3 Elite League Coordinator: @VSR Iceberg Date:21.3.2018 Members Involved: @Tex Wheeler Description: I went a little wide on the start/finish straight. The game gave me a 45 second penalty immediately I went off track, giving no chance to get rid of the penalty by...
  3. Tex Wheeler

    Mandatory pitstops

    The mandatory pitstop-option is disabled in the Season 9 of GT3 leagues. However, I would like to see them introduced in the future. It would add a strategic component to the races, as currently there is no need for pitstops unless you get damage or in other special cases (rain etc.). If it is...
  4. Tex Wheeler

    Greetings from Finland!

    Hi! I'm currently 24 years old forestry student from Helsinki, Finland. I decided to join AOR, as I made a switch from PS4 to PC. That also means that I will be racing more online in the future, and what would be a better place to start than AOR! :) I'm planning on joining the AOR GT3 league...