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  1. AlonsoFerrari3

    Resolved Username change

    Hi could I have my username changed from Ferrari3 to AlonsoFerrari3 to match my gamertag
  2. AlonsoFerrari3

    XB1 F4 corner cut removals

    Platform + league: Xb1 F4 Date: 2 june Coordinator: @F1Maestro26 Members involved: me Description: Three unfair corner cuts. Would like to see all of these totally removed since I didn’t gain much time if any in these cuts and I also lifted to negate any time gained. I do not have a screenshot...
  3. AlonsoFerrari3

    XB1 Aor f4 incident Italy

    Platform + league: Xb1 f4 Date: 2 june Coordinator: @F1Maestro26 Members involved: @TheHumpadink @APS Hamilton Description: Ilrt Hamilton hits the humpadink under braking and he hits the back of me because of that. So annoying coz I felt I had the pace for a good result. Evidence: have none coz...
  4. AlonsoFerrari3

    XB1 Aor F4 incident belgium

    Platform & league: Xb1 F4 Coordinator: @F1Maestro26 Date: 26th May Members involved: @APS Hamilton Description: Me and Hamilton are side by side into les Combes and then I am left with no space. Hamilton hits me off the road costing me time. I am sure that he had room because I was on the kerb...
  5. AlonsoFerrari3

    XB1 F4 turn 1 incident

    Platform + league: Xb1 F4 Date: 28th April League coordinator: @F1Maestro26 Members involved: Me, @TheHumpadink, @SSR Nicole @F1Maestro26 Description: Humpadink goes up the inside at turn 1 and leaves me no room. I’m sandwiched with Nicole at this point and I make contact with both of them...
  6. AlonsoFerrari3

    XB1 Assist league 1 awards thread

    Welcome to the awards thread. You can vote on the below topics. Only rule is that you can't vote for yourself for everything, be honest in this. Best quali pace: (compared to race pace) 1. Best race pace (compared to quali pace) 1. Most consistent driver: 1. Best overtaker: 1. Best...
  7. AlonsoFerrari3

    XB1 Trying to fix the championship

    Platform + league: Xb1 Al1 Coordinator: @Justin || Taz Date: 24th march Members involved: @AOR Andrew @Mr B 92 II @Tom123FTW Description: We start the lobby and Tom is having connection issues. He lags out twice during qualifying and gets back in both times. That’s fine. Then he lags out again...
  8. AlonsoFerrari3

    XB1 Championship over?!?!?!?

    Platform and league: xb1 al1 Coordinator @Justin || Taz Date 3rd March Members involved I think it’s @maxen @Kinglydiagram18 @miniminiman09 but I could be wrong Description Mini man divebomb me at turn 1 forcing me to turn away then I think kingly diagram rams me I spin collect maxen and it all...
  9. AlonsoFerrari3

    XB1 Retiring on track and ruining my lap

    Platform + league: Xbox al1 Coordinator: @Justin || Taz Date: 27th january Members involved: @KLID22 Description: I am on a hot lap and he retires on track which ur clearly not allowed to do as stated in the rules. This messed up my lap. I know I was four tenths down but if I pulled off an...
  10. AlonsoFerrari3

    XB1 Al1 two incidents at the start

    Platform & league: xb1 al1 Coordinator: @Taz Date; 6th january Members involved: @miniminiman09 @Tom123FTW @Thomas2203 think that’s his username and numerous other people: Description: @miniminiman09 gets oversteer on exit and I have to slow down so I don’t get sidepod glitched into the wall...
  11. AlonsoFerrari3

    XB1 Al1 beast tornadoz being overagressive??

    Platform & league; xb1 al1 Coordinator: @Taz Date: 6th january Members involved: @BeasTxTornadozz Description: A last lap divebomb by the McLaren results in me having to give up the place. I didn’t feel that this was a clean overtake and that he pushed me wide. I then overtake him again but he...
  12. AlonsoFerrari3

    XB1 Aor Al1 unfair time penalty removal

    League + platform: Xbox assist league 1 Date: 2/12/18 Coordinator: @Jott3r Members involved: myself Description: I get in a collision with a car ahead who has spun around. I continue on but I’m given a 5 second stop go penalty for an illegal overtake. This penalty was served and I was wondering...
  13. AlonsoFerrari3

    XB1 Al1 Canada incident

    Platform + league: Xbox assist league 1 Coordinator: @Jott3r Date: 25th november People involved: @Reece_123 @Tom123FTW Description: I was side by side with rapid going into the chicane had to slow down to not crash into him or get a corner cutting warning and then Tom rams me from behind...
  14. AlonsoFerrari3

    XB1 Aor Al1 ch33zytrain deliberately crashing out

    Platform: Xbox one League: Assist league 1 Coordinator: @Proulx2001 Members involved: @CH33ZYTRAIN Date: 7th October Description: I’m reporting this guy for two things. Number 1 is that he is american so he should be in the American League. Number two. I overtake him but then he either makes...
  15. AlonsoFerrari3

    XB1 Buckley lagging all over the place and costing me wing damage

    Platform+ league: Xb1 Al1 League Co ordinator @Chris Leather Date: 20th May Members involved :@MoRS Buckley Description: Just got past Owen hope and then I go on the outside of Buckley as i have no where else to go. However lag intervenes and I get swiped as if he wanted to go into the pitlane...
  16. AlonsoFerrari3

    XB1 Al1 lap 1 crash

    Platform+league: Xb1 Al1 League coordinator: @Chris Leather Date: 20th May Members involved: @Chesney @OwenHope44 @SoggyCabbages @Josh Emmins @Jott3r and I think the Renault is @Alex Smith. Description: It was lap 1 and going into turn 1 chesney got tipped into a spin by someone and then i hit...
  17. AlonsoFerrari3

    XB1 Al1 baku incident

    Platform + league: xbox assist league 1 Co-ordinator: @Chris Leather Date: 29th April Members involved : @BOR Leclerc Description: It was lap 23 and I had just overtaken him. However he got me back on the next straight. We were running side by side for a corner and then I was on the outside...