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  1. AlonsoFerrari3

    XB1 F4 - Incident

    IMO this is a racing incident but I’ll leave that up to the stewards to decide
  2. AlonsoFerrari3

    XB1 F4 - Incident

    Dsync had a part to play here. On your screen I hit u but from my POV there wasn’t even a sound to suggest I had hit u. Even if this wasn’t dsync I had left u with a cars width which is all u we’re entitled to considering u only had ur front tyre in line with my rear tyre. If u look at the point...
  3. AlonsoFerrari3

    Resolved Username change

  4. AlonsoFerrari3

    Resolved Username change

    Hi could I have my username changed from Ferrari3 to AlonsoFerrari3 to match my gamertag
  5. AlonsoFerrari3


    @F1Maestro26 @Hamilton_is_blessed_44
  6. AlonsoFerrari3

    XB1 F4 corner cut removals

    Platform + league: Xb1 F4 Date: 2 june Coordinator: @F1Maestro26 Members involved: me Description: Three unfair corner cuts. Would like to see all of these totally removed since I didn’t gain much time if any in these cuts and I also lifted to negate any time gained. I do not have a screenshot...
  7. AlonsoFerrari3

    XB1 Aor f4 incident Italy

    Managed to get my clip in the end
  8. AlonsoFerrari3

    XB1 Aor f4 incident Italy

    Platform + league: Xb1 f4 Date: 2 june Coordinator: @F1Maestro26 Members involved: @TheHumpadink @APS Hamilton Description: Ilrt Hamilton hits the humpadink under braking and he hits the back of me because of that. So annoying coz I felt I had the pace for a good result. Evidence: have none coz...
  9. AlonsoFerrari3

    XB1 Round 8 - Italian Grand Prix [02/06/19 8:00pm]

    Change of plan I will be racing @F1Maestro26
  10. AlonsoFerrari3

    XB1 Aor F4 incident belgium

    Platform & league: Xb1 F4 Coordinator: @F1Maestro26 Date: 26th May Members involved: @APS Hamilton Description: Me and Hamilton are side by side into les Combes and then I am left with no space. Hamilton hits me off the road costing me time. I am sure that he had room because I was on the kerb...
  11. AlonsoFerrari3

    XB1 Round 7 - Belgian Grand Prix [26/05/19 8:00pm]

    Did anyone else have really bad lag in that like way worse than usual
  12. AlonsoFerrari3

    XB1 F4 turn 1 incident

    U need to make another thread if u wanna report that mate
  13. AlonsoFerrari3

    XB1 F4 turn 1 incident

    Don’t think me hitting the grass affected my corner that much but anyway
  14. AlonsoFerrari3

    XB1 Take out maliciously into turn 1

    Don’t have Twitter so I can’t see that hahaha. Oh well u had great pace today so it’s a shame that had to happen
  15. AlonsoFerrari3

    XB1 Round 3 - Chinese Grand Prix [21/04/19 8:00pm]

    Unless u mean between gear 1 and 6 coz I just overrev ferrari powered cars for some reason. I don’t drive like that with other cars
  16. AlonsoFerrari3

    XB1 Round 3 - Chinese Grand Prix [21/04/19 8:00pm]

    No there’s a reason I do that. Not gonna explain coz I don’t want to be giving my rivals tips