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    PS4 Incident Sean

    Platform + League: PS4 ESports Team Tournament League Coordinator: @BosslyGaming @DemoN Date: 11/04/19 Members Involved: @Sean FAP Belkom Description: There was a lot of space between me, Speedbari and Curly but Sean took a very wide line leaving me no space and no time to react which resulted...
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    PS4 Incident with Lucas

    Platform + League: PS4 League Coordinator: @BosslyGaming @DemoN Date: 21/03/19 Members Involved: @Lucas_Blakeley Description: Lucas went for two pretty unnecessary moves in a row here, the second one causing me to do a half spin which lost me a lot of time and two positions. Evidence:
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    PS4 Incident with Speedbari

    Platform + League: PS4 League Coordinator: @BosslyGaming @DemoN Date: 14/03/19 Members Involved: @Speed Bari Description: I just wanna bring this to the stewards as this is unacceptable behaviour from Bari. Getting a good start I drove beside him but he just punches me off the track with...
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    PS4 Very dangerous pit entry + time penalty removal

    Platform + League: PS4 F2 League Coordinator: @Tactician109 Date: 09/12/18 Members Involved: @JIM_pasti Description: Time Penalty: I got eight warnings in the race which resulted in two penalties. Four of these were legit corner cuts, but the other ones not. In the race director it says...
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    PS4 Canada incident PS4 F2

    Platform + League: PS4 F2 League Coordinator: @Tactician109 Date: 26/11/18 Members Involved: @Casper24-F1 Description: Casper went wide into the hairpin which allowed me to go beside him in the exit of the corner. As we accelerated I think he got some oversteer and he hit me which put me into...
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    PS4 Unfair Stop-Go Penalty

    Platform + League: PS4 F2 League Coordinator: @Tactician109 Date: 19/11/18 Members Involved: - Description: I got a 5 second stop-go penalty for ignoring yellow flags under the SC and I don't know why. I wasn't too quick and I didn't overtake someone. In the clip I show the whole sequence from...
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    PS4 China incident

    Platform + League: PS4 F2 League Coordinator: @Tactician109 Date: 15/10/18 Members Involved: @Sean van Belkom Description: Sean divebombed me into the hairpin of the last lap. As I already commited to my steering input I couldn't avoid him and he crashed into me which resulted in a broken...
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    PS4 Spoon incident

    Platform + League: PS4 F2 League Coordinator: @DemoN @ELIT3_gam3boy Date: 22/07/18 Members Involved: @99Pipmatt @Cherry2pie Description: Me and @99Pipmatt went side by side into Spoon and I had to lift the throttle to avoid a crash with him. That allowed @Cherry2pie to get beside me but we...
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    PS4 26/04 8:00PM UK Baku 50%

    Qualifying: Short (12 minutes) Distance: 50% (26 Laps) Cars: Equal Weather: Clear (Dry) Safety Car: Off Parc Ferme: Off Damage: Full Corner Cutting: Strict Formation Lap: Off Race Starts: Manual Time of Day: Official AI Driver Level: 90 All assists will be allowed for the ones that need it If...
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    PS4 F2 China, pushed off the track into the wall

    Platform + League: PS4 F2 League Coordinator: @DemoN Date: 22nd April Members Involved: @DemoN Description: I don't know what happend here but @DemoN hit me twice and pushed me into the wall causes me to pit with a red front wing. Evidence:
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    PS4 Practise Sessions

    Hey guys, I was wondering if we could run this thread to organise some practise sessions (5 lap races, 50% test races etc.) for anyone who is interested?!