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  1. SoggyCabbages


    Xbox One Formula 4 Cod: @Jamie183 Involving: myself, @LuDAMer22 Beginning of turn 3, get absolutely moshed by the Haas, ruining my race. And I lost all desire and commitment from then on, was on for a good race then that happened. Skip to around 24s from my video if you don't want to watch...
  2. SoggyCabbages

    XB1 F4 - Turn 1 Penalty Removal

    Xbox One Formula 4 Cod: @Jamie183 First of all, ignore the incident with the other car in this video that is being dealt with in another thread. I would like this time penalty of 10 seconds overturned for 'cutting the corner and gaining an adantage'. Unfortunately I cut the clip a bit too...
  3. SoggyCabbages


  4. SoggyCabbages

    XB1 F4 - McLaren front-wing rammed really hard by big MASSIVE blue bull

    Console - Xbox One League - F4 Coordinator - @Jamie183 Involved - @IronWeasel54 Not much to say, he tries a big divebomb out of no where and breaks my front wing.
  5. SoggyCabbages

    XB1 F4 - Retiring From Session

    Xbox One. F4 Cod: @Jamie183 Involved: @Troyfmcg Member involved retires the car in an unsafe position, I crash into them and ruin my hot lap. Not knowing at the time they had actually retired (as I don't tend to stare at the bottom of my screen), I then move to the right to let cars on hot...
  6. SoggyCabbages

    XB1 F4 - Crazy Bull

    Xbox One. Formula 4 Coordinator: @Jamie183 Involved: @IronWeasel54 Three seperate incidents in this video so please do count and penalise them seperately. In the same thread for convenience. Incident 1: Makes contact, resultant overtake. Unfair. Light avoidable collision. Incident 2: Same...
  7. SoggyCabbages

    XB1 F4 - Bad Overtake

    Xbox One Formula 4 Coordinator @Jamie183 Involved: @LuDAMer22 Not much to say, contact whilst overtaking. Should have given the position back. Will probably blame lag but connection had previously been good during the race.
  8. SoggyCabbages

    XB1 F4 - Cornercut Overtale Penalty

    Xbox One Formula 4 @Jamie183 No one else involved really that needs tagging. So basically, Mercedes and Red Bull are fighting ahead of me, the Mercedes spins and I narrowly avoid it. The Red Bull is off the track and I thought that he'd probably rejoin quite fast and into my racing line, so I...
  9. SoggyCabbages

    XB1 F4 - Casino Crash

    Console - Xbox One League - F4 Cod - @Jamie183 Involved - @IronWeasel54 Going into turn one he's very close so I give him room, even to my detriment as I knew I'd get a corner cut penalty. Up the hill he's still very close, then going into casino he tags me in the rear and I spin. Forcing me...
  10. SoggyCabbages

    XB1 AL1 - Shouldn't be Qualifying

    Xbox One Assist League 1 @Chris Leather @Dangaming10 He had received a qualifying ban so should not be participating in the session whatsoever. However, Dan leaves the pits completes an outlap and goes for a timed lap before DELIBERATELY crashing out on purpose before he crosses the line to...
  11. SoggyCabbages

    XB1 Round 11 - Austrian Grand Prix [01/07/18 - 8:00pm UK]

    I've taken it upon myself to set this up, bonus championship points for me for initiative. Feel free to transfer OP mods. NOTE: CHESNEY IS NOT HOSTING THIS RACE, SOGGYCABBAGES IS Round 11 - Austrian Grand Prix AOR Hype Energy F1 Leagues - Season 15 Race Information: ● Date: Sunday 1st...
  12. SoggyCabbages

    XB1 XB1 AL1 - Italiacident

    Xbox ONe Assist 1 @Chris Leather Myself and @FrPhenixFr (Think that's his username, I know he's changed his Xbox Gamertag) Turn 1, he tries a not very sensible manoeuvre around the outside, was never going to work I'm still ahead going into turn 1 then he punts me off. Doesn't stop either.
  13. SoggyCabbages

    XB1 AL1: Unsafe Track Rejoin

    Xbox One Assist 1 Coordinator: @Chris Leather Myself and @Ferrari3 N.B - Now I must admit before you read the rest that the strength of this stewards enquiry may be a bit weak but it still peeved me off the manner of the driving. So Alonso has spun just before Vale and rejoins in an unsafe...
  14. SoggyCabbages

    XB1 AL1: Accident at Silverstone - Britaincident

    Console - Xbox One League - Assist 1 Coordinator - @Chris Leather Members involved: Myself, @Jackerius Description, N.B although in the video you can't actually see it's Jackerius as he's behind me, if you look in the mirrors that's how I know it's him. I'd like for him to submit his view of...
  15. SoggyCabbages

    XB1 Race Ending Crash

    League: Assist 1 Console: Xbox One Coordinator: @Chris Leather Involved: myself, @FrPhenixFr There are two incidents in the video below. 1: Lap 13 he tries to overtake in turn 3, fails. Lucky to keep it out of the wall and no damage. 2: Following lap, he tries the same down into turn 3 and...
  16. SoggyCabbages

    XB1 Excuses

    So as the season has settled down, all the cars are packed away and I got 2nd in the Drivers' Championship, here is my comprehensive list of excuses as to why I did not win every single race, as I deserved to: Australia, China, Bahrain, Russia, Spain: The first 5 races I raced with automatic...
  17. SoggyCabbages

    XB1 AL2 Qualifying Takeout

    Console: Xbox One League: Assist 2 Co-ordinator: @Chris Leather Members involved: @TruckGameBernie Incident: Driving up the hill approaching turn 10. Bernie all of a sudden comes across the racing line and I crash into him, unavoidable really. He claims to have had lag, but isn't that just...
  18. SoggyCabbages

    XB1 Poor overtake

    Sorry me again, 3 times in one round. :D Console: Xbox 1 League: Assist 2 Coordinator: @Chris Leather Involved: @Sdb gunners Incident, I included a little chunk before the incident itself so you can see I had just fairly overtaken Gunners, given him plenty of room also, then as he overtakes...
  19. SoggyCabbages

    XB1 AL2 - Red Bull Bumper Cars

    N.B Wasn't sure what to call this thread, hope it's appropriate. Console: Xbox 1 League: Assist 2 Coordinator: @Chris Leather Involved: @FaKe x Terror @Sdb gunners Incident: There are two incidents being reported here, but as they both happened within seconds of each other I felt it was...
  20. SoggyCabbages

    XB1 AL2 - Hit on Qualifying Lap

    Console: Xbox 1 Coordinator: @Chris Leather League: Assist 2 Members involved: @BIKER7202 Incident: He hit me up the back in qualifying, I lose time, I miss out on pole eventually by a very small margain, you can see on the delta as he hits me I'm on the green. Video below: