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PC [01/07 20:00 UK] Germany 50%


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Oct 10, 2014
Had a funny moment with a couple of laps to go. All of a sudden the car just respawned at the middle of the track without any reason (same thing happens if you cut the track to go into pits, you get put back to track). Codies continue to impress me!
@Nukka I tapped your rear in the straight following Turn 1 at lap 13, did you feel any sort of damage after that cos it was mainly a incident due to lag? (I had a lot of lag spikes in the race actually)

Btw, nice time @fraguitar89 (y)
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F1 Coordinator
Dec 9, 2016
Sorry if I have annoyed people on the track with my lag spikes, everything was working properly until we got to the race. I will try to solve the issue asap (@Hinyaldee @Ycoms and other people I guess)
That's OK, unfortunately, you were impacted by that. When I was warned about the blue flag, I was mid corner, so I waited until the straighth to move aside and let you pass, but the lag made your car teleport inside mine and being ghosted. Which didn't make me take any damage, but as you said ,you lost your wing. Sorry
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