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PC [03/09/2017] Japan 50% @ 8PM UK


S13 AOR PC Split 4 Champion
Mar 25, 2017
Sick to death of something always not opening and i have no idea why,

like my wheel settings all reset bcus the logitech wont open, then the game just wouldnt open after restarting pc


Formula 4 Reserve Driver
Aug 26, 2017
well, interesting race
lost half my front wing on @FisiFan91 when pw pulled a kobaiyashi on 2 guys in the first or second lap. After that damage limitation and runnign as high as p6 after safetycar due to both force india's having a go at eachother (lol), but spun again and damaged my front wing again. just need a bit more consistency but hoping to get there for the lower splits ;)

bugs noticed:
- ffb going haywaire on wheels and pad, again
- safetycar: can't overtake lapped ai cars under delta
- safetycar: cutting out the throttle completely for the restart and having it come back without warning midway through a wet 130r.. scary moments on the restart
- track limits: in t1 and spoon you can actually avoid a warning by putting all 4 tyres over the outside withe line and going full throttle, whereas if you lift ever so slightly doing the same you will get a track extension
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