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PS 10 second time penalty removal

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Platform + League: PS4 + F5
League Coordinator: @Hasnain
Date: 02/02/20
Members Involved: @SamGamerOfficial
Description: I got an instant 10 sec time penalty from the game after the SC restart, it should be reduced to 3 seconds because it was my 3rd warning streak reached. After this, in lap 14, I got my 1st warning after the 1st streak and it gave me 3 seconds time penalty instantly, so technically I should only get that reduced to 1 warning which from the race director, that stupid instant 3 sec penalty affected by 2 warnings the rest of my corner cuts amd track extension, so this basicslly means at the end, I should get another 3 second penalty removed if we add the 2 warnings missing from the game techinally. Amd I want to appeal the last 2 BS warnings that were unfair, the head steward told me last time that I need to apply the brakes to clearly negates any time gained after extending the track limits which I clearly did as you can see in my brake application down in the right of the screen and the other warning was really superb harsh to give me as I TOTALLY BELIEVE that I didnt had 4 wheel off the white lines... So in total if I get all oc these issues reduced and removed I would regain 13 second time penalty of my race time and get back P3 where I initialy finished...

Unfair 10 sec pen: 0:37
Instant 3 sec pen right after my first 3 warning streak: 0:53
Unfair & Harsh Warnings: 1:30

Race director:
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Sorry to be that guy again but... I'd like to counter this, please.

First of all, I have no problem with that 10 second penalty change. I assume that happened because we were technically still under the Safety Car at the time?
I'm not trying to get Sam more penalties, but rather that I don't think having P3 back is completely fair due to some cuts/extensions. For example:

Lap 2 - Exit of T14. (Sam did get a warning on this lap, so this could possibly be it.)
Lap 5 - Exit of T1, apex of T9, apex of T17 (just I think?), exit of T18 and exit of T20. (None of these got a warning according to the Race Director.)
Lap 13 - Exit of T1. (Again, he did get a warning on this lap so this could possibly be it.)
Lap 23 - Apex of T9 and exit of T18. (Sam got two warnings on this lap, so they both could have been these possibly.)

There were more moments but I left them out, as I can't say for sure if they are valid or not due to the angle. (Although while typing this, I have seen another video which does show some.)
As for those last two laps listed, even though potentially the warnings could have been for them, I left them in due to Lap 5 having no warnings at the same places.


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... Just for your info T9 is a corner that everybody go over the bump in it. It's like that since the 2017 game, there shouldnt be any problems for that. T18 I ran wide and always lifted to not gain any advantages, tho in lap 23 it gave me warning in the same corner even tho I still lifted, no idea why. The other "extensions" on lap 5, for T1, T17 and T20 I seem to be desynced, that would explain why I got no warnings from the game, simply as that...

Also, pls dont comment on enquiry that doesnt even involve you, your totally wasting my and steward's time.

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The stewards have reviewed the footage and agree that the 10 second time penalty at the end of the safety car is unfair and will be reduced to a warning. The other penalties we see here are all valid and will stand. This will result in an overall reduction of 10 seconds worth of time penalties.

@SamGamerOfficial @Hasnain
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