PS4 - 100% Sim Sunday Season interest thread (Unofficial) |

PS4 100% Sim Sunday Season interest thread (Unofficial)


F1 Senna Equivalent
May 20, 2016
With the interest thread for the 100% Sim Mini-Season basically being ended due to lack of numbers. So I've made a new thread here for PS4 to see if there would be more interest in a 100% sim season if it took place on sunday at the standard normal AOR league time instead.
(If your a Xbox or PC player feel free to copy this and create your own separate thread(y))

The idea I have is if the interest levels & numbers are high enough, then I would look to create a league for this 100% sim season using sim damage and the standard AOR rules, however this will have to be run as a unofficial AOR League. (unless the co-ords decide to award official status)

But with regards to when this would take place, I would be looking to mirror the season 13 calendar (so a full season), so drivers who have stated a interest in this will have to make a choice between racing in season 13 or racing in this unofficial league.

Probably not the best scenario for all involved but from my own perspective I would certainly like to try a 100% league and for the longer standing members of AOR who want to try something different league wise then this is your chance.

Either way if racing in a 100% league on sunday is an interest to you, but you want to race in season 13 instead, please state this as it least it will give co-ords an idea of how much interest there is in this thanks.

Finally things like qualy length/SC and assists would be up for discussion, however with assists it would be either copying Tier 1 or Tier 2/3.
TC & ABS and any other assist used in the Rookie/Reserve League will not be allowed.

Anyway if your interested please reply to this thread with the following information:

Are you interested in a 100% Simulation Full Season: [Yes/No]
Would you be prepared to race in a 100% Unofficial League instead of Season 13: [Yes/No]
Preferred Qualifying Format: [Short/Full]