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PC 15/02 8pm GMT Japan 50% social


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May 24, 2017
Lobby Settings:

Host: @Jipper
Cars: Equal
Weather: Dynamic
Safety Car: Off
Parc Ferme: Off
Damage: Full
Corner Cutting: Strict
Formation Lap: Off
Race Starts: Manual
Time of Day: Official
AI Driver Level: 85

Make sure to add me on steam so you get an invite to the lobby

Cars Taken: 20/20

1. @Jipper
2. @Neil Bywater

1. @Jay
2. @jake fletcher

Red Bull
1. @Rienk
2. @mitchelkuhn

1. @Ycoms
2. @FisiFan91

Force India
1. @Detainable
2. @Duppy

1. @Hinyaldee
2. @Slickk

1. @ACR Alex
2. @Curly

Toro Rosso
1. @Nutzernutzt

1. @LolFish42
2. @Ronnin1978

1. @Skatie
2. @return

Reserve: @Kevin Kalt @Timp @n0body_ @Murdock-F1 @Ztikes @Dobby @Wombeto

This is a list of previous drivers who've taken part in my socials, dont be offended if your not tagged. :)
@Timp @Absinth @Fersiphion @Qélon @ChokDK @Snarf Snarf @Mr AlcoN @Hinyaldee @Steffe @JoniJohn @n0body_ @Rienk ven Droon @p_w@FluffyBalZz@Ronnin1978@Fbyson @StefanWylde @Mr. Biggles @RigorousTiger @Ely' @Desmond0313 @Putttee @Poetic D @yoan97222 @Nasom@Voller @TwoFiftySix@TheVerenzak @Jay @Bigboss@SMEAJ @Dobby @koldo @thelol12 @return @Haydn @StefanWylde @Kevin Kalt @yoan97222@Skatie @n0body_ @Qélon@Julien2395 @Sjoelbakkie @Ycoms @Detainable@yobbo @FisiFan91 @Duppy @Dewald Nel @mitchelkuhn @Slickk @Ciniak
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Dec 18, 2016
So, one has been tagged in this upcoming social race at Japan post. Japan is an amazing track and in my opinion, the best circuit to drive at on the entire calendar, after the immortal Singapore. It's left right left right first sector makes Japan one of the hardest tracks to get perfect and sector 1 is followed by the flat out in qualifying Degner 1 which, if taking badly, will unstable your car and make it near impossible to get the car into the apex of Degner 2, which is a medium speed right-hander. You will know find yourself sprinting towards the hairpin but before that lies you slight kink that must be taken flat and allows you to prepare yourself for the pain of the hairpin. If you get slightly on the wrong line, that's a lot of lap time gone, so one must take a flowing line that allows himself/herself to get on the traction as early as possible, without spinning up those pesky rear tyres. Right now you will be climbing the gears while negotiating the long right-hander of 200R. Easily flat and you should be taking the shortest line possible to allow you to loose the least lap time. Once you have straightened your car out, you will arrive at the Spoon curve. It was 2 apexes, the first one I like to take in 6th gear before shifting down to 5th and then 4th for the second apex. You need to keep the car tight to the apex for the 2nd part so you can straighten out the car quicker and get a a good exit which is very important. Once you have done that you will be hurdling down the Back Straight towards the world famous '130R' which is easily flat and not a challenge. And briefly after that is Casio Triangle, which is 3rd or 4th gear depending on what you're most comfortable with, personally I prefer 4th for the better exit. You will use the first part of the chicane to set yourself up for the second part so you can get a good exit. And once you have launched yourself out of the corner, you will take the shortest line possible around the Last Curve to get to the line as quickly as possible.

Now, the car I would like to select. I have been pondering this while writing the paragraph above and I think I would like the wonderful Force India please. Not because of that lovely colour, but more so because from cockpit camera you receive a good view of the mirrors which improves your awareness for other cars.