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Closed 2 Crashes with the same person

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Platform + League: PC+AOR Assist league 2
League Coordinator: @Beyond
Members Involved: @NickGenius
Description: lap 1 maybe a racing incident but looked like he turned into me and lap 11 went for a dive bom and he turned into me not leaving any room
Lap 1
start 00.25:38
Lap 11


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At the first incident I had no grip I was fighting the car so I don't lose it and that I hit him it was a complete accident, at the second one I had no idea he was even there until the hit and I wasn't expecting someone to try to overtake there and especially dive bomb there ( the lap 1 clip was deleted )

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The Stewards have looked at the evidence and have decided that no further action will take place on either incident. The first incident was deemed as a racing incident between the drivers involved, so the stewards left it at that. For the 2nd incident, @devvy had room on the apex, but then missed it, which then caused him to spin off @nikgenious .

@devvy @nikgenious @Beyond
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