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XB1 2 penalty removals

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Formula 3 Test Driver
Dec 23, 2016
Tier + platform: XB1 Tier 1
League Coordinators: @Jamie183 @Hayden_430
Date: December 27th, 2018
Members Involved: Myself mainly
Description: Going through 200R, I notice yellow flags just up ahead and to my surprise, the three leaders all came together and spun. I took evasive action and it gives me two stop go-s. One for ignoring yellow flags and one for illegally overtaking Jason97. These should both be removed as there was obviously no way I could've avoided the incident safely while not getting those 2 penalties. This would move me up from 5th place to 2nd before penalties as I finished 1st on track but had a 3 second time penalty due to exceeding track limits.
Evidence: (Incident: Starts 4:30)
(Race director Starts 4:20, first warning was for contact)
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